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Mystery Airplane

PZL or Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze was established in January 1928 to be Poland's main aircraft design and manufacturing concern. Known in the early 1930's for a series of parasol wing monoplane... Full story


The Mystery Airplane

Known for its reliability, range, and cargo capacity, the Bellanca Pacemaker won the hearts of bush pilots and record setters. As an example, Russell Boardman and John Polando flew from Floyd Bennett... Full story


The Mystery Airplane

The Swiss firm Pilatus has designed and manufactured military training aircraft since the Argus engined P-2 of 1945. The 1953 P-3, with a Lycoming O-435, was developed into the PT6A powered PC-7,... Full story


The Mystery Airplane

Designed as a basic trainer with light attack capabilities, the S. 211 first flew on 10 April 1981. Powered by a 2,500 pound thrust P&W of Canada turbofan, it has a maximum speed of 414 mph and a... Full story


Mystery Airplane

During World War II, the British relied on the United States for transports. Realizing they could be left behind after the war was over, the Barbazon Committee looked at setting requirements for... Full story


The Mystery Airplane

The Republic XF-91 falls into the category of mixed powered point defense interceptors that followed World War II inspired by German experiments with the rocket powered Messerschmitt Me-163B Komet... Full story


Mystery Airplane: September 2016

Giuseppe Bellanca came to New York from Sicily in 1911 with a degree in engineering. By 1914 he was running a flight school at Mineola, NY. One of his students went on to become a Caproni bomber pilot... Full story


Mystery Airplane: January 2016

Hawker Siddeley Kestrel FGA. Mk. I (XV-6A) Evolved from the Hawker P.1127, which made successful use of the Bristol Siddeley Pegasus vectored thrust turbofan, the Kestrel paved the way for the V/STOL... Full story


Mystery Airplane: December 2015

Prior to World War II, Yugoslavia manufactured a number of fighters and floatplanes, plus license manufactured the British Bristol Blenheim bomber and Hawker Hurricane fighter. After the war the... Full story


Mystery Airplane: November 2015

The Concorde was not the first airliner to exceed Mach 1.0. That honor goes to a Douglas DC-8-40 with Rolls Royce Conway engines that broke the sound barrier in a shallow dive on 21 August 1961.... Full story


Mystery Airplane: October 2015

The Davis series of parasol wing monoplanes was built by former WWI pilotWalter C. Davis and the Davis Aircraft Corporation of Richmond, Indiana from 1929 to 1930. Power plants varied from the 60 or... Full story


Mystery Airplane: September 2015

Designed to replace the Wright R-3350 Turbo-Compound powered Canadair CP-107 Argus (remember the May 2003 Mystery Plane?), which had replaced the wartime Avro Lancaster 10, the Lockheed CP-140 Aurora... Full story


Mystery Airplane: August 2015

Known as the Bird, Brunner-Winkle Bird, and the Perth-Amboy Bird, this 1929 gem has a lot of history behind it. Luminaries such as Wiley Post, Lee Gehlbach, Clarence Chamberlain, and Milo Burcham all...


Mystery Airplane: July 2015

The de Havilland DH 114 Heron, which first flew at Hatfield on 10 May 1950, proved adaptable to stretching and engine changes. Initially powered by four de Havilland Gipsy Queens of 250 to 340 hp, it... Full story


Mystery Airplane: June 2015

The Vintage Aircraft Association's "Round Engine Rodeo" in 2013 attracted a wide variety of beautiful and rare radial engined classics. Waco, Travel Air, Beech, Stinson, Stearman, Spartan, Grumman,...


Mystery Airplane: May 2015

In this day of Predators, Reapers, Global Hawks, and other unmanned aerial vehicles, we forget that aircraft similar in concept have been trialed over the whole course of aviation's century plus...


Mystery Airplane: April 2015

The famous Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio has existed in three forms. Begun in 1915 at Genoa by industrialist Rinaldo Piaggio, it built parts for Caproni bombers and Macchi flying boats during... Full story


Mystery Airplane: March 2015

The American Helicopter Company was formed in 1947 and produced a small series of pulse jet rotor helicopters beginning with the A-5 "Top Sergeant" in January 1949. This was followed in 1950 by the... Full story


Mystery Airplane: February 2015

This month's winner Dave Gunderson of Mora wrote, "This little beauty is a Hannaford Bee-model D-1, completed in 1981 by homebuilder John Bright." Joe Connell of Stewartville wasn't fooled either, "I...


Mystery Airplane: January 2015

In the years before the Second World War, air racing was the catalyst for improvements in engines, fuels, lubricants, streamlining, and structure. Part of that development encompassed the famous... Full story


Mystery Airplane: November 2014

Praised by Lady Mary Heath, Britain's "Lady Lindy" in a February 1929 issue of Aviation magazine for its "ease of handling and balance of the controls," the Aristocrat was a product of General... Full story


Mystery Airplane: October 2014

Before the end of WWII, Trans-Canada Air Lines foresaw the need for a domestically produced airliner. After considering the Douglas and Lockheed products, the decision was made to adapt the DC-4 with... Full story


Mystery Airplane: April 2014

Frank Piasecki founded PV Engineering in 1941. His experimental PV-2 helicopter appeared in April 1943, followed by NACA awarding him Helicopter Pilot Certificate No. 1. The H-21 (the May 2011...


Mystery Airplane: March 2014

"No other light airplane combines all the features that aviation-minded enthusiasts demand," reads a 1947 advertisement for the Applegate & Weyant version of Al Mooney's classic Dart. Powered by...


Mystery Airplane: February 2014

In 1933, Professor Heinrich Focke resigned as Technical Director of Focke-Wulf to purse his interest in rotary winged aircraft. Beginning by license building Don Juan de la Cierva's C.19 autogyro, he...


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