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Shop Talk With Trent Wallman

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  • Shop Talk with Trent Wallman

    Trent Wallman|Dec 1, 2020

    We have recently purchased a couple new to us 152’s, and with that always comes a long list of squawks to take care of. We always treat a new plane to an annual inspection where we will also upgrade and replace old equipment. Just about every time I annual a new to us plane, I find things that have been looked over, neglected, or straight up pencil whipped. I understand not everything can be made perfect on an airplane. Nobody has the time or money for that. Items that don’t have an immediate impact on safety tend to get neglected. Unf...

  • Shop Talk with Trent Wallman

    Trent Wallman|Nov 1, 2020

    Winter is almost here, and it’s time again to start shifting to winter operations. I love winter and the advantages and challenges it brings. Being from Minnesota, we know that proper gear is the difference between surviving and thriving through the winter. Your winter flight ops are no different. With the proper gear, you can comfortably take advantage of the dense calm air we often see throughout the winter. The first challenge is equipping yourself with the proper winter gear to comfortably fly in and shed layers as required. Having e...

  • A Battle Against Time

    Trent Wallman|Oct 1, 2020

    Time always works against you, and it’s the job of your mechanic to reduce the impact of time on your plane. One of the larger issues I’ve seen in general aviation is inactivity. Wear and tear will occur as aircraft total time climbs, but not flying your aircraft seems to be the real killer. The impact of inactivity over the years outweighs the normal wear and tear you get flying your plane regularly. Normal wear and tear can be easily managed by your mechanic, but major component replacement is where big money is spent. Inactivity dis...

  • New Column Coming - Shop Talk with Trent Wallman

    Trent Wallman|Sep 1, 2020

    This new column by aviation mechanic Trent Wallman, will begin with the October 2020 issue. The following is Trent’s Biography. My name is Trent Wallman. I have been a full-time A&P mechanic for six years. In this column, I plan on discussing a variety of aviation topics for MN Flyer to provide a mechanic’s perspective to the magazine. I hope to provide value to you in these discussions as we consider topics of both substantial airworthiness concerns and the smaller matters of a mechanic’s preferences and advice. I’d like to start by introdu...

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