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 By Tom Lymburn    News    September 1, 2017

Oshkosh: Where to Begin?

"You've been coming here a long time." It wasn't a question and I wasn't sure if it had implied age or I just looked like an Oshkosh veteran. "Over 30 years," I admitted. "This is our first time.... Full story


Cover Photo

AirVenture winners in 2017 include Pat Harker's Stinson L-5, which not only won best L-5, but a Silver Wrench. The impressive aircraft is based at Anoka County Airport in Blaine. Tom Lymburn's... Full story



Like last year, this will likely be one for the record books—number of airplanes, number of attendees. We arrived the Saturday just before the Convention started—and like last year, the... Full story


Invitation to Stand up in American politics

I am not sure about you, but I am not fond of politics. Given the choice of spending time talking about flying a super cub or talking politics...I'll choose super cubs! Besides, talking about... Full story

 By C.M. Swanson    News    September 1, 2017


This year's MSPA's Annual Picnic saw a record number of attendees, in part due to the duo purpose of a much anticipated pig roast combined with the surprise awarding of a commemorative plaque to... Full story


Introducing flight to a first-timer

What can be more beautiful than a flight at noon on a day where the winds are three knots or less. The temperature is a steady 72 degrees. Visibility is unlimited and the skies are perfectly clear.... Full story


How FAR do you go?

A safe pilot will always be aware of his/her personal condition, skills, and attitudes prior to climbing into the cockpit. But that awareness doesn’t stop there. In fact if you take a look at FAR 91.103, Preflight action, you’ll see that every pi... Full story


Preflight the Pilot!

The primary job of every pilot from takeoff to touchdown is to fly the plane. One of the most important efforts prior to that is for the pilot to inspect the aircraft thoroughly to help ensure the aircraft is indeed safe and ready for flying. But is... Full story


The value of aviation in Minnesota (2016 data)

• General Aviation has a $12.2 billion impact on the State of Minnesota through its network of 135 public airports. • General Aviation has created 164,900 jobs in Minnesota, and provides more than $6.5billion in labor income annually. ... Full story


From The Director's Desk

Your office of Aeronautics is a strong supporter of four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in our schools. These areas of study and mastery are vitally... Full story


As the birds fly

Of all the seasons experienced in the upper Midwest, fall is certainly one of the most visually spectacular, especially from the air. Great vistas of bright red, orange and golden hues can be seen as... Full story

 By C.M. Swanson    News    September 1, 2017

Elbow Lake Fly-in Open House

Lots of eye catching air traffic, food to salivate over (graciously served by Grant County Lions), an FBO fast becoming famous far beyond its local borders, an energetic, savvy engineering firm... Full story


Airport of the Month

Hector, Minnesota is named after a legendary warrior from Greek mythology. Hector, a prince of Troy, figures prominently in the story of the siege precipitated by the famous love affair between Helen... Full story


Urinary Tract Infections and Flying

General aviation is great. You can jump in your airplane (after appropriate and exhaustive pre-flight planning, of course), point her in any direction you please and buzz along for as long as winds,... Full story


Glider Operations for the Powered Pilot

With the soaring season well underway, upper Midwest pilots are working to improve their skills to safely fly their gliders longer and farther. As a long-time glider pilot, I often meet pilots who... Full story


The Mystery Airplane Contest

Designed by Armand Thielblot to an April 1945 US Navy specification for a new primary trainer, the XNQ-1 mockup was inspected in September 1945. Construction of three, two to fly and one for static... Full story

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Upcoming Events

Check this column each month to see that dates have not been canceled or changed. Send notices of events at least six weeks in advance of publication to the Minnesota Flyer, P.O. Box 750. Sandstone. MN 55072-0750 or or... Full story


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