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  • June 2019 Cover

    Jun 1, 2019

    On the evening of April 27th, the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota was the scene of the thirtieth annual Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Banquet.... Full story

  • Maintaining Connections

    Randle Corfman|Jun 1, 2019

    There are many benefits of being a member of the aviation community in Minnesota, or any other state for that matter. Of course, there is the fact that we have the privilege to fly, to rise above it all, escaping the bonds of earth to soar with the eagles. There is also the blessings of being able to enjoy the friendships and acquaintances made through aviation. We have the usual suspects at the airport who hang around the hangars, ready to fly or tell those flying lies that we have come to... Full story

  • Thirtieth Annual Hall of Fame Induction is history

    Noel Allard|Jun 1, 2019

    On the evening of April 27th, the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota was the scene of the thirtieth annual Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. The day of honors began in the afternoon with a get-together at Wings of the North Aviation Museum at Flying Cloud, where guests got the grand tour of the Hall of Fame’s 200 plus award plaques honoring past inductees. The display is awesome and bears your visit – be sure to take that in during the summer. Over 400 guests including Minnesota notables and aviation community mem... Full story

  • Breezy Point Airport renamed in historic surprise announcement

    Breezy Point|Jun 1, 2019

    Breezy Point Airport has been renamed Breezy Point Airport at Muller Field, in Honor of Longtime Manager and Army Veteran. Breezy Point, MN (May 4, 2019). Today marked an historic moment at the Breezy Point Airport in the City of Breezy Point Minnesota. Not since 1949 has such a moment occurred. Executives of the airfield renamed the airport, which has been at the city's center since the early 1920's, after longtime airport manager and Vietnam Veteran Cliff Muller. Muller has lived on the field... Full story


    George Felix, FAASTeam Safety Rep|Jun 1, 2019

    It's easy to go through life and lose track of time. Perhaps you've become aware it's been three months or longer since your last flight. When was the last time you submitted to a flight review? How about that goal of a new phase of Wings? Are you still current or more importantly proficient? There are many ways of immersing yourself in aviation even when you don't have time or money to go flying. Some ways of keeping pilotage in the front of your mind are as easy as listening to podcasts like... Full story

  • Trust and Verify

    Dan McDowell, MnDOT Aeronautics|Jun 1, 2019

    We all have likely heard the old axiom, "trust, but verify!" It holds true today in many facets of our lives, especially in aviation. With all the "gee-whiz" technology that is available in today's cockpits to make flying easier and safer, it is still critically important that you trust your displayed, and controller provided information. But it is equally important that you verify that information. When going into a towered airport for instance, it is common place to simply trust the air... Full story

  • Making the right call

    Dan McDowell, MnDOT Aeronautics|Jun 1, 2019

    Imagine you are a new pilot and live in an area where you don't have an air traffic control tower (ATC) at your community airport. Perhaps you can fly from point A to a number of point B's and C's without speaking to ATC. You may be wary of the day you actually have to push the microphone button and broadcast your information across the air waves to ATC. That day will come and you need to be able to make the right call. Well, today is the day. So, you have your communications radio on and you... Full story

  • From the Directors Desk

    Cassandra Isaacson, Director, MnDOT Aeronautics|Jun 1, 2019

    We are just weeks away from the opening of the EAA AirVenture at OshKosh, Wisconsin, July 22 through July 28, 2019. AirVenture is well known as the worlds' largest aviation gathering and fly-in. For us at MnDOT Aeronautics, the event offers an opportunity to meet individual Minnesota pilots, welcome attendees to stop and visit Minnesota airports on the way to and from OSH, and meet with our peers from across the nation. It is a fun and productive time for all things aviation! We have heard that... Full story

  • One of summers challenges

    Dan McDowell|Jun 1, 2019

    Minnesota is strikingly beautiful no matter which season, but summer is quite simply amazing. With brilliant blue skies, diamond sparkles on the lakes, and a patchwork quilt of rolling prairie as far as the eyes can see, the beauty is seemingly endless. Even though it can get quite warm and humid, Minnesota’s summers range from tolerable to terrific and it validates why we choose to live here! While summer flying is generally awesome, it brings about some unique meteorological challenges that pilots must be aware of and know the proper a... Full story

  • No Plane, No Gain

    noplanenogain|Jun 1, 2019

    "The mostly small, public-use airports across the country that are used by business aircraft are key economic engines, boosting jobs, local investment and economic activity in communities across the nation."... Full story

  • Aeromedical Forum

    James D. Lakin, PhD,MD,FACP,CFI,CFII,MEI|Jun 1, 2019

    One thing that endlessly confuses airmen (and occasionally AMEs) is the processing of Special Issuances. First of all what, you might ask, is a Special Issuance (SI)? An SI is granted by the FAA to a pilot who has a medical condition that otherwise would disqualify him from obtaining a medical certificate. The list of disqualifying conditions is a very long one. Basically anything that might suddenly or insidiously impair your ability to physically or mentally carry out the duties of pilot in co... Full story

  • Airport of the Month

    Tom Foster|Jun 1, 2019

    Perham Municipal Airport is located just northwest of the city between the old and new versions of US Highway 10. In the "good old days" there was a popular drive-in movie theater on the old highway next to the airport. A symbiotic relationship existed between the two. The "silver screen" provide an informal visual aid for the pilots, and the runway gave the local teenagers an alternate access to the movies. Apparently, the kids would turn off the lights on their vehicles and drive down the... Full story

  • Upcoming Events

    Check this column each month to see that dates have not been canceled or changed. Send notices six weeks in advance of publication to the Minnesota Flyer, P.O. Box 750, Sandstone, MN 55072-0750 or or Attention Pilots Be sure to get a Flight Service briefing from (800) WX-Brief before every flight and check your destination airport status. July 13-14:Isle Airport on Mille Lacs Lake, Sat. evening bonfire and campout. Sun. morning breakfast. 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. Everyone welcome. Contact: Dave Retka (651) 2... Full story

  • The Mystery Airplane

    Tom Lymburn|Jun 1, 2019

    To cover its needs for liaison, medevac, training, and light cargo, the USAF has acquired "off the shelf" civilian business aircraft. Examples have included the Beech King Air, Cessna Citation, Gates Learjet, Gulfstream, Lockheed Jetstar, and North American Sabreliner. To train students for tanker and airlift operations, the Air Force ordered a converted version of the Beechjet 400A. The T-1A began life as the eight passenger Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, first flying on 29 August 1978. After... Full story

  • News Brief

    Jun 1, 2019

    South St. Paul, Minnesota - May 15,2019 Fire Boss, LLC delivered its 100th set of Fire Boss floats this month during an event held at their headquarters in South St. Paul, Minnesota. Accepting this milestone delivery was aerial firefighting operator, Air Spray USA, LTD based in Chico, California. "We are extremely proud of the property and lives saved with the Fire Boss. Over 15 years ago, we had an idea of making a smarter, faster and dependable SEAT (single engine air tanker). To deliver the... Full story

  • From the Archives

    Jun 1, 2019

    Special to the Minnesota Flyer Wichita, KA. Lawrence McCabe, Minnesota's Commissioner of Aeronautics, speaking at the annual conference here of the Aviation/Space Writers Association, won praise for a plan to install 12-foot, blaze-orange windsocks at airports in his state. McCabe, who also is president of the National Association of State Aviation Officials, was one of five panel members discussing "the greatest challenge facing general aviation in the "70's." The Minnesota commissioner... Full story

  • News Brief

    Women in Aviation International|Jun 1, 2019

    Two new board members were voted in by Women in Aviation International members at the organization's 30th annual membership meeting held in Long Beach, California. The two newly-elected board members, who will each serve a three-year term are: Rhonda Larance, WAI 4633, is industry relations manager for Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, in Englewood, Colorado. With more than 15 years of experience managing global aviation marketing teams, Rhonda has held numerous leadership positions at Jeppesen since... Full story