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By George Felix
FAASTeam Safety Rep 


Be Immersed


It's easy to go through life and lose track of time. Perhaps you've become aware it's been three months or longer since your last flight.

When was the last time you submitted to a flight review? How about that goal of a new phase of Wings? Are you still current or more importantly proficient?

There are many ways of immersing yourself in aviation even when you don't have time or money to go flying. Some ways of keeping pilotage in the front of your mind are as easy as listening to podcasts like Airplane Geeks and Aviation News Talk. They and many other flight related programs are available in Apple Podcasts or your favorite Podcast Applications.

Get out your charts and plan a flight even if you're not actually flying. Read the magazines that you receive from the aviation organizations you belong to. When done with them leave them at club hangars or office lobbies for others to absorb. Register at FAASAFETY.GOV and subscribe for notifications to seminars in your area. You will then periodically be informed of seminars available right through your email.

Belonging to pages and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn like Instrument Flying and Currency and Unmanned Safety Institute will put posts in your newsfeeds. In addition to giving you food for thought you will find it necessary to scrutinize comments and consider questions and comments of your own.

Additionally, find some airplane geek friends of your own. Call them and challenge them with questions encouraging them to do the same with you.

Find yourself an instructor you respect and get yourself on a schedule with them.

Using the FAA SAFETY WINGS program will assist you with having attainable goals complete with syllabi's to make flight lessons simple and cost effective to complete at a pace that works for you.

Set yourself a goal of completing at least one knowledge course or participating in a seminar in the program at least every three months.

It really is easier to be safe consistently with consistent attention to safety in flight whether you are able to fly a lot or a little. Just dedicate some part of your life to aviation always. Have fun with it and enjoy your passion.


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