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Maintaining Connections

There are many benefits of being a member of the aviation community in Minnesota, or any other state for that matter. Of course, there is the fact that we have the privilege to fly, to rise above it all, escaping the bonds of earth to soar with the eagles. There is also the blessings of being able to enjoy the friendships and acquaintances made through aviation. We have the usual suspects at the airport who hang around the hangars, ready to fly or tell those flying lies that we have come to enjoy.

We also have the good fortune to cross paths with some mighty fine people through aviation. Today I had the opportunity to visit with a good fellow who was driving the hotel shuttle, taking me to and from the airport. We are able to get to know the people at the fbo, the person who can arrange for use of the courtesy car, or to arrange a rental car, or call a taxi. Through my travels providing consultations to patients in a number of locations in MN, ND, MT and WI my life has been enriched greatly with the brief visits with these people.

I think we are very fortunate to have the Great MN Aviation Gathering, too, in that we have the opportunity to socialize with fellow aviators, but also to get to know those who provide services for us. Like the good people at MNDOT Aeronautics. Like those from our FSDO. Like those from AOPA. Like the vendors who work on our aircraft, provide avionics support. We get to visit with those who provide aviation education to our young people. I think the exhibit hangars are perhaps as important as the Hangar Flying session hangars in terms of enjoying and benefiting from attending the GMAG.

The Hangar Flying sessions were very well received, thanks to the kindness of those who took time out of their busy lives to share their knowledge and experience with us. It takes many hours to prepare for these presentations, and that prep time is donated, along with the time it takes to get to and from the GMAG, to give the presentations. We are so fortunate to have excellent speakers right here in our region, and they do this gratis. For us. For you.

We are a year out from the next GMAG, but I hope that those of you who attended the GMAG this year or in past years will make a mental note about how important it is to stay connected with all the people I mentioned above by taking in the event. I hope you will stay tuned and make a commitment to drive or fly in to the event next spring, to spend a night in a local hotel, or to camp under the wing of your airplane or in a hangar at the airport.

The GMAG is, after all, a big family reunion, except you probably like all those who attend the GMAG! Happy flying, blue skies to you.


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