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    George Felix, FAASTeam Rep., CFI|Jan 1, 2020

    Hopefully you've learned that setting personal minimums in aviation is a must. In other words, at what maximum crosswind have you demonstrated proficiency in landing? Or what is the lowest ceiling you will plan to attempt an approach to land in instrument flight? What ceilings will you accept for both day and night flight? Fuel, passengers, and the list goes on. Having thought about these limitations is the first step in setting good boundaries in an attempt to maintain safe airmanship. Writing... Full story


    George Felix, FAAST Team Rep, Flight Instructor|Nov 1, 2019

    While speaking to respected Instructor, DPE, and FAAST Team member Barb Mack recently about the aviation community and the dissemination of information between instructors, students, and examiners she said that “the people we’re reaching through Wings (FAA Pilot Proficiency Wings Program) aren’t the people we need to be reaching.” That wasn’t to say we don’t want to reach those people. It was a statement of fact that the folks utilizing the program were and are the exceptional aviators. They are getting the message. They are the... Full story


    George Felix, FAASTeam Safety Rep|Jun 1, 2019

    It's easy to go through life and lose track of time. Perhaps you've become aware it's been three months or longer since your last flight. When was the last time you submitted to a flight review? How about that goal of a new phase of Wings? Are you still current or more importantly proficient? There are many ways of immersing yourself in aviation even when you don't have time or money to go flying. Some ways of keeping pilotage in the front of your mind are as easy as listening to podcasts like... Full story


    George Felix, FAASTeam Safety Rep., CFI|May 1, 2019

    Listening to a favorite Podcast recently has brought Carbon Monoxide to the front of my concerns so much so that a portable industrial CO detector was purchased and put into use. Please check out Aviation News Talk episode 90 which discussed the Mooney accident where the pilot passed out from CO poisoning only to wake up after the plane had landed itself in a field. The pilot is interviewed and gives great insight into his experience. Next listen to episode 102 where two General Aviation pilots report their personal experiences with the CO dete... Full story


    George Felix, FAASteam, CP, CFI|Jan 1, 2019

    Just over a year ago I completed In Operations Experience (IOE) at a Part 135 Certificate Airline and was in my first week of single pilot operations when the weather turned icy and cold. The radios were chaotic that dark morning and in all the confusion I exceeded a clearance in taxi and got the dreaded call to copy a phone number. A tough pill to swallow for an FAA Safety Team Representative, Commercial Pilot, Certificated Flight Instructor Single and Multi-Engine and Instrument. I, of all pilots, should have known better, having harped on... Full story

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