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Articles from the October 1, 2015 edition

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  • Sierra Hotel Aero, Inc. hosts Pet Expo in hangar

    C.M. Swanson|Oct 1, 2015

    Pet owners love to talk about their pets. At Fleming Field Airport in South St. Paul, those conversations happen a lot. Sierra Hotel Aero, Inc. Quality Assurance Manager Kathy Fox said it was quite natural that the first ever Pet Expo should arise from those conversations. "It is common practice for people at many businesses on the airport grounds to bring their pets to work with them," said Fox. "When we started looking at the various organizations that the pets came from, we realized there... Full story

  • Mystery Airplane: October 2015

    Tom Lymburn, Minnesota Flyer|Oct 1, 2015

    The Davis series of parasol wing monoplanes was built by former WWI pilotWalter C. Davis and the Davis Aircraft Corporation of Richmond, Indiana from 1929 to 1930. Power plants varied from the 60 or 85 hp LeBlond, through the 100 hp Kinner K-5, the 90 hp Lambert, to the 145 hp Warner Super Scarab model that is the subject of this Oshkosh 1988 photo. The Davis won Approved Type Certificate #256 on 8 November 1929, with the Warner version licensed under Group 2 Approval #394 on 21 December 1931.... Full story

  • Schweiss Doors delivers to Cape Canaveral

    Staff Reports, Minnesota Flyer|Oct 1, 2015

    You'll probably never be called on to install a bifold door that weighs more than 50,000 pounds, but wouldn't you want to work with the manufacturer that can boast such an incredible accomplishment? Schweiss Doors recently produced two bifold doors for a new steel hangar at Cape Canaveral, Fla. One door was 40 feet wide and 69 feet tall. The larger door was 90 feet wide and 61 feet tall. Both were equipped with automatic latches and are wind-rated to 150 mph. Upon delivery to Florida, both... Full story

  • Minnesota Aviation Trades Association membership increasing

    C.M. Swanson|Oct 1, 2015

    The Minnesota Aviation Trades Association (MATA) Annual meeting and barbecue held August 20 was a fantastic weather day resulting in a most pleasant social hour complete with a picnic on the grounds of Twin Cities Aviation at Anoka County-Blaine Airport. At the brisk, efficient meeting, MATA president Greg Reigel reported the organization has been growing for the past two years. It currently has over 60 members. Activities include advocacy efforts with the Minnesota Business Aviation... Full story

  • Airport of the Month: Bagley

    Tom Foster, Minnesota Flyer|Oct 1, 2015

    Bagley is the "Gateway to Itasca." In 1832, Henry Schoolcraft found the headwaters of the Mississippi in what is now Minnesota's best known State Park. Schoolcraft spent two years exploring the upper reaches of the river. He had to contend with rapids and long portages. The last leg of his voyage from Big Sandy Lake in Aitken County to Itasca took over three months. You could still canoe up the Mississippi to Bagley, but getting there is a lot easier now because Bagley has a first class general... Full story

  • AOPA actively supports user friendly community airports

    C.M. Swanson|Oct 1, 2015

    Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is making a difference in how today's society views aviation. AOPA president Mark Baker, and his fully dedicated, energized team are putting the awe back in awesome where aviation is concerned by reaching out to people on a personal basis. Baker was smitten with the love of aviation as a child. He recalls lying on a hill, looking up at the sky, "simply for the joy of watching those round engines go by." His ensuing years of experience, engaging in... Full story

  • Pilots joyfully take advantage of flying opportunities

    C.M. Swanson|Oct 1, 2015

    August 27 was the kind of day that just cried out "Picnic" to a group of friends in the Brainerd Lakes area. Destination, an island on Whitefish Lake with a sand beach just made for welcoming sea planes, pleasant conversation, and luxuriating in the sun. While formal Fly-Ins are a big draw, there are also times when a small group of flying friends have the desire for a little more laid back, private outing. Throwing lunch in a basket, donning comfortable summer clothes, and taking off for a day... Full story

  • Blaine Airport Promotions Group growing up

    C.M. Swanson|Oct 1, 2015

    Though receiving its non-profit status was a huge milestone for the Blaine Airport Promotions Group (BAPG), the organization, based at Anoka County Blaine Airport simply checked the accomplishment off their To Do list and kept on going. Comprised of businesses on and off the airport grounds, the group's purpose is to raise awareness of the economic impact of the airport on the surrounding region, promote greater participation of public activity at the airport, promote aviation education to... Full story

  • Princeton Perfect - Flight Expo 2015

    C.M. Swanson|Oct 1, 2015

    Flight Expo 2015 at the Princeton Airport was held in celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE-Day. The Commemorative Air Force displayed the B-25 Miss Mitchel and gave rides in the Vultee BT-13. Breakfast and lunch were served on the grounds both Saturday and Sunday, hosted by the Princetons 4-H group. EAA Chapter 237 provided Kiddie Rides for toddlers. Young Eagles gave free flights on Sunday. The Expo was enjoyed by all.... Full story

  • An education initiative involving aviation

    Jim Hanson|Oct 1, 2015

    The Problem Like so many things that we "know" to be true today, facts are fungible. What may have been good advice 20 years ago is not good advice today-yet these false "facts" remain in place until proven on longer to be true. Aviation is no different in this regard-"hangar tales" and hoary old myths are slow to change. As an FBO operator, I can't tell you how many people have told me "I always wanted to fly, but my teacher told me that I had to have 20/20 vision"-or "My teacher told me that... Full story

  • Aeromedical Forum: October 2015

    Dr. James D. Lakin, Minnesota Flyer|Oct 1, 2015

    “If you want keep her on the runway it helps to see the centerline.” Supporting this truism, the FAA has a maze of regulations to make sure that the intrepid pilot can locate the runway environment. So let’s look at a few common questions airmen ask about their eyeballs. “First of all, just how good does my eyesight have to be?” It depends. For a Third Class Medical Certificate which is all you need unless you’re flying for compensation, you have to see at least 20/40 in both eyes for both di...