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May 2020 Cover

Rick Franks taxis out in the Hurricane XIIB, marked in the colors of No. 1 Squadron, RCAF.... Full story

 By Randle Corfman    News    May 1, 2020

Hangar Flying

We are all pretty worn down by the precautions that were electively taken by our governor with regard to the COVID-19 virus, and many of us are pretty much over it. It is time to get back to doing... Full story

 By Tom Foster    News    May 1, 2020


British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a way with the English language. He also liked the sound of his own voice. Many of his speeches in Parliament lasted so long that some members were nearly... Full story

 By Dan McDowell    News    May 1, 2020

From the Archives - June 2000

Most aviators recognize the power of lightning, but few understand this unique natural phenomenon. Take time to review a few facts about lightning. 1. A typical thunderstorm lasts about 30 minutes.... Full story

 By Dan McDowell    News    May 1, 2020

From the Archives - March 2000

When we think about how far air travel and space travel have come since the first drawings of da Vinci to the most recent flight of the space shuttle, we are truly amazed. Now imagine what can be coming in the next century or even just in the next te... Full story

 By Jim Hanson    Jim Hanson    May 1, 2020

Stein Air

As the former operator of the Faribault FBO, I continue to watch the "goings-on" there. Faribault is a unique airport-a small-town airport located close enough to the metro area to draw a wide... Full story

 By Al Alwin    Faast    May 1, 2020


Groucho Marx once said; “Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we are not going to live forever. However, while we’re here,... Full story

 By Tom Lymburn    News    May 1, 2020

Confessions of an Airshow Announcer-Merlin Magic

The Aero Shell Team snarled its way into the air. As usual, their formation was superb. Once the four Texans turned northeast, away from Runway 36, we resumed our conversation. "You've announced for... Full story

 By Alexandria Gossen    News    May 1, 2020

2,000 Ft. Social Distancing: An Afternoon with a Pilot

Written by Alexandria Gossen, a student at Concordia College St. Paul, reprinted with permission from the Hinckley News. Social distancing has become a life-saving lifestyle, but it can be difficult... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

A couple of months ago we talked about the then looming pandemic. Well here it is and it looks like it's going to be around for a while. The good news is that Minnesota has done an effective job of slowing the rate of viral transmission of SARS Cov... Full story

 By Robert W. Bunke    News    May 1, 2020

The Joy of Flight

As I roll to the start of the runway, I look eagerly to the sky for the tower has cleared me for takeoff and again I am committed to fly. As the nose of the airplane lines up with the solid white line on the black, there is a feeling of joy as the en... Full story


The Mystery Airplane

Fokker Fodder. Manfred von Richthofen shot down 19 B.E. 2 biplanes and his brother Lothar six. Werner Voss claimed 11. Too slow, poorly armed, and too stable for aerobatics, the Royal Aircraft... Full story


Upcoming Events

Check this column each month to see that dates have not been canceled or changed. Send notices six weeks in advance of publication to the Minnesota Flyer, P.O. Box 449, Moose Lake, MN 55767 or, Attention Pilots Be sure to get a... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

As I sit in my office at Airlake, a King Air is revving up its engines. Good Lord it's loud and I have the benefit of 30 yards separation and a wall between me and it. Pity the lineman that's out... Full story


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