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The Joy of Flight

As I roll to the start of the runway,

I look eagerly to the sky

for the tower has cleared me for takeoff

and again I am committed to fly.

As the nose of the airplane lines up

with the solid white line on the black,

there is a feeling of joy as the engine roars and

there is no turning back.

With throttle full forward, it isn’t long

before the spinning prop becomes so strong

and the roll that started slow at first,

is racing to free me from the earth.

My heart pounds a little, for I can feel

that moment of truth is near

when a slight backward force is all it takes

to lift me free and clear.

The gear comes up to smooth the climb,

the power reset too

and the earth starts to fade as I climb to the sky

en route to my rendezvous.

With altitude reached, I level off

for this is the place in the sky

assigned to me for a little while,

where no one else can fly.

With cruise power set and course locked in, the

engine no longer roars,

but rather it hums a beautiful song

that peacefully carries me on.

The check points pass rapidly by,

almost like life itself

that races on even though I try

to slow it down to let me live and let me fly.

A lot of earth has passed below

when the radio breaks the peace;

I am asked to descend from my space in the sky

so I straighten up and prepare to comply.

From now until the airplane has stopped,

I must be wide awake;

though done a thousand times before,

there’s room for no mistake.

I see the field and once again

the joy of flight must end.

The tower clears me next to land

so I answer quickly to their command.

On final approach with all things set,

I feel confident and safe

as if the mighty arms of God,

have held us in His embrace.

The wheels touch down and I roll along,

the long white stripe on the black.

I know for today the flight is done,

but it’s also good to be back.

I park the airplane and loosen the straps

that have held me secure for so long.

I look up to God and His home in the sky

and whisper,

“Thank you, Lord, for letting me fly.”


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