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 By Al Alwin    Faast    March 1, 2022

Flight Controls in Four Phases

It's no wonder that students become frustrated with controlling an aircraft when there doesn't seem to be consistency between flight control inputs and aircraft response creating thoughts and...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    July 1, 2021

Well-Executed Takeoffs Require Planning

“Nice landing.” We sometimes hear that from passengers or fellow pilots after we greased it in with a gusty cross-wind, or pasted the mains on the numbers and made the first turnoff. However, when is the last time someone complimented you on...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    June 1, 2021

Handy Calculations While Flying

If we wish to navigate through space with a level of precision, it is necessary to determine numbers such as: Top of Descent, Required Rate of Descent, and other information we usually have to look up or plug into our EFB or E6B. For some situations...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    March 1, 2021

Hazards Of Non-Towered Operations

It was a warm fall afternoon. Pilots were enjoying the last nice flying weather until winter made its appearance. An incoming aircraft was arriving at an uncontrolled airport from the opposite side of the traffic pattern. In the process of joining...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    May 1, 2020


Groucho Marx once said; “Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we are not going to live forever. However, while we’re here,...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    December 1, 2018

Winter Flying - Stay Warm and Safe

As we set our clocks back an hour each November, our thoughts shift toward coping with Old Man Winter's impending visit, and the best ways to cope without hibernating for five months. For those that...

 By Al Alwin    News    August 1, 2017


You want to fly a more challenging (up or down) aircraft than the one you currently wear like an old pair of shoes, or you want to fly off to Salt Lake City next month when the highest terrain you have encountered in your flying career thus far is th...


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