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 By Jim Hanson    Cover    March 1, 2019

March Cover

"The Diamond" owned by Corey De Jac....

 By Tim Franklin    News    March 1, 2019

May your day be joyfully blessed!

Charlotte, in one of the last few precious days, had some moments for laughter. She thought it would be funny I would be writing in this space instead of having her do much of the work. This is a... Full story


See you at GMAG 2019

I have taken time to begin reading Robin Olds “Fighter Pilot” and found a quotation that I feel certainly applies to my experiences with aviation people. He wrote “The brotherhood of pilots... Full story

 By Bob Heavirland    News    March 1, 2019

A beautiful February day for a Fly-In

Thanks to Bob Heavirland for the following report and photos from the recent Aitkin Fly-In for Ski planes and Wheel planes. FINALLY, we had a Saturday (2-16-19) that was a nice day to fly! There were... Full story

 By Jim Hanson    Jim Hanson    March 1, 2019

#328 - the Diamond

I take every opportunity to fly unique aircraft-but in flying for 56 years, and 52 years in the FBO business, new types to fly don't present themselves very often. Corey De Jac showed up at our... Full story


The Violent Winds

Spring brings about changes in nature, the landscape, the weather, and even in people. The warmth of the strong sunshine and more daylight hours are welcomed with open arms. Even the early spring flowers and plants open their buds and spread their... Full story


Cassette Players, Pay Phones, and NDBs

It's been a while since I've ridden in a car with a cassette player. I know we have a lot more old aircraft in the system than old cars. One of the Bonanzas that MnDOT operates just turned 40 and thou... Full story


Just because spring is in sight...

Flying during any season in Minnesota can be stunningly beautiful. It can also present some really unique challenges. One of those unique challenges is icing. Yes, the days are getting longer and... Full story


From the Director's Desk

Spring is in sight and we have been working hard to prepare to participate in a number of outstanding aviation events for the spring-summer season. Here are a couple terrific events that I want to... Full story


No NOTAM does not mean no hazard

Pilots rely on NOTAMs. Runway closures, navaid outages, contaminated surfaces, poor braking action; these are all potential hazards that could affect the safety at an airport. Some hazards are predict... Full story

 By Schweiss Doors    News    March 1, 2019


FAIRFAX, Minn., February 5, 2019 – Agtegra Cooperative has expanded its service area to reach rural customers in 60 communities throughout North and South Dakota. One of those communities is... Full story

 By Dan McDowell    News    March 1, 2019


“Approximately 75% of tactical decision errors that led to accidents investigated by the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) were identified as plan continuation errors. These errors occur when a pilot inappropriately continues with a... Full story


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Not?

I know you’ll find this hard to believe but diseases sometimes can be fads. In other words some disorders catch the public fancy and all of a sudden “everyone’s got it”. Entities such as... Full story


Airport of the Month

Henry Sibley was having a bad day. He was supposed to recommend a name for the town that was to be the "division point" for the St. Paul and Sioux City Railroad to his fellow directors. General... Full story


The Mystery Airplane

Professor Claude Dornier was known during World War I for his work with stressed skin Duralumin construction, designing large flying boats and other combat aircraft, including the experimental D-1 all... Full story


Upcoming Events

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