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Spring is in sight

Spring is in sight and we have been working hard to prepare to participate in a number of outstanding aviation events for the spring-summer season.

Here are a couple terrific events that I want to remind you of and let you know your Office of Aeronautics will be there and we hope to meet many of you at these events:

MN Airports Conference

On April 24-26, at the Willmar Conference Center, 240 23rd Street SE Willmar, Minnesota; you will have an opportunity to hear industry and government official's ideas and information on funding, aviation trends, airport management, operations, maintenance, and best practices. The annual Minnesota Airports Conference features experts in aviation and aerospace fields sharing their experiences in general assembly presentations, workshops, and open forums. The conference, held in conjunction with the Minnesota Council of Airports annual meeting, also includes technical and safety presentations, an industry trade show, and an awards and recognition program. Oh by the way, the Keynote speaker for this event will none-other than Vikings player and private pilot, Harrison Smith!

EAA - Air Venture

July 22-28, Oshkosh, WI; Come see us at the world's greatest General Aviation event and gathering. Be a part of the excitement and fun while exploring the flight lines and parking areas to visit many thousands of unique and beautiful aircraft. Don't forget to visit the vendors and stop by our booth too. We'll be there to answer questions and share information about aviation in Minnesota. Come get your fly in Minnesota Passport. You'll be glad you did.

I want to encourage you to read the articles By Rick Braunig and Kelly Akhund in this edition of our Technical Bulletin. It is important for pilots to understand the future of Minnesota's NDB's and VOR's. Rick explains what is taking place currently and what will the future holds for navigating Minnesota's skies. I also want to urge you to read Kelly's article about NOTAM's. She discusses how NOTAM's can affect safety, what pilot's can do to help their airport manager provide timely NOTAM's, and risk mitigation. Both articles are very important to aviation safety and every pilot should make a point to read them.

Remember, as pilot in command, you are directly responsible for, and you are the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft. So be safe. Attend Safety seminars often. Enjoy flying in Minnesota.


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