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 By Heather McNevin    Faast    December 1, 2021 

Information Is Best Shared In Both Directions

With the new ADS-B mandate taking effect last year, many people have recently upgraded their aircraft to include ADS-B Out. This meets the requirement but may not be the absolute best outcome when trying to increase your safety. As with many things,...


Four Steps To Master Safety Risk Management

Among my many tools is a 12-pound splitting maul (half sledgehammer/half axe). Many of my larger tools hang on the garage wall next to my car. Except for the splitting maul. Why is that? I occasionally bump into one of the tools and it falls down....

 By Jim Zurales    Faast    October 1, 2021

Avoid 'Expectation Bias' In Critical Situations

“Money is the the root of all evil.” Did you notice the extra “the” in that sentence? Expectation Bias led us to expect the same familiar phrase. This concept can apply in many aviation situations such as the following: Coming in from the...

 By Jim Zurales    Faast    September 1, 2021

'The Perfect Pilot' Requires An Honest Appraisal

Although we can dream, there is no such animal as a perfect pilot. It’s a myth, much like strong tailwinds roundtrip! Consider this, though: if you STRIVE for perfection and fall short, you land in a very good, safe place making you a more...


Fire Resistant Clothing: A Pilot Tool With Function

Everyone likes having their little toys. I feel, as pilots, we are especially attracted to new toys. The latest iPad mount for the cockpit, new avionics, a better headset, the list goes on. I am guilty of this as well. I have so many books and...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    July 1, 2021

Well-Executed Takeoffs Require Planning

“Nice landing.” We sometimes hear that from passengers or fellow pilots after we greased it in with a gusty cross-wind, or pasted the mains on the numbers and made the first turnoff. However, when is the last time someone complimented you on...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    June 1, 2021

Handy Calculations While Flying

If we wish to navigate through space with a level of precision, it is necessary to determine numbers such as: Top of Descent, Required Rate of Descent, and other information we usually have to look up or plug into our EFB or E6B. For some situations...

 By Paul Van Brunt    Faast    May 1, 2021

Use of a Checklist

In my years of flying, I have either done or instructed people that have done just about anything that can happen to a GA plane. One of the highest things that pilots don’t do or forget is the use...


Owner Preventive Maintenance?

“Hey Kurt, can you come over and sign off the new wing bolts I installed in my Bonanza?” or similar is a much too often request made of me as an A&P. But I will say God bless the owner for even asking for another set of “licensed” eyes to...

 By Al Alwin    Faast    March 1, 2021

Hazards Of Non-Towered Operations

It was a warm fall afternoon. Pilots were enjoying the last nice flying weather until winter made its appearance. An incoming aircraft was arriving at an uncontrolled airport from the opposite side of the traffic pattern. In the process of joining...


KCFM Saturday Morning Seminars Move Online

Looking for some aviation education, a Wings credit or two, or maybe just something to do while enjoying your Saturday morning coffee? Look no further than the KFCM Saturday Morning Webinar Series....

 By Nick Modders    Faast    February 1, 2021

Do You Like Your Checklist?

Is your checklist doing everything it should for you? If not, how can you make it better? Checklists are wonderful things. They turn us from forgetful mortals to clear minded creatures that get every step in the operation of a complex machine...


Prep for Cold Weather Flying

With the unseasonably warm weather, many of you likely took advantage to get in some flying. With cold weather on the forecast, we now have to prep for flying in cold. That might include making sure we have adequate cold weather gear in the aircraft...


Control Tower vs Non-Towered

Whether you fly in a towered environment or non-towered, the two are very different and require you to be aware of other traffic. While the towered environment is much more controlled, you still have...


Weather Flying Again

The summer is fading fast and the weather change is inevitable; no more high clouds and light rain, its low clouds, fog, and yes snow for the general aviation flying. If you have an instrument rating...


When do you cancel IFR?

When do you cancel IFR? How do you make that determination? Lets examine a little about what your IFR clearance actually does for you. It means you have a cylinder of protected airspace around you where no other IFR traffic should be. What about VFR...


Taking Advantage of Webinars

Taking Advantage of Webinars It is likely that your flying has been impacted somehow by the unusual reality that we find ourselves in. Perhaps you haven’t been able to fly much and find your currency slipping. The gatherings at the airport,...

 By Paul Van Brunt    Faast    July 1, 2020


You have just had your old airplane updated with some new electronics. The availability is endless for general aviation airplanes, as is the cost. You want to update and expect it will make your life... Full story

 By Laura Herrmann    Faast    June 1, 2020


Recent changes in travel brought about by COVID-19 had put a damper on my planned aviation adventures. A trip to Hawaii in my attempt to land a Cessna in all 50 states canceled. A friend and I were... Full story

 By Al Alwin    Faast    May 1, 2020


Groucho Marx once said; “Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we are not going to live forever. However, while we’re here,... Full story

 By Mark Cook    Faast    April 1, 2020

Runway Selection

We like to think at a non-towered airport, choosing the best runway for takeoff/landing is a simple matter of picking the runway best aligned with the wind. However, for many pilots a multitude of additional factors influence their decision. Runway... Full story

 By Jason Jensen    Faast    March 1, 2020


In addition to regular helicopter traffic including medical transport, law enforcement, military, and pipeline patrol, there are seasonal periods where you’ll find an increase in helicopter operations, such as wildfire, pesticide application and... Full story



Landing a plane can be an issue if you don’t consider all the variables and understand the airplane characteristics that you are flying. Landing is by far the hardest part to learn when training... Full story

 By George Felix    Faast    January 1, 2020


Hopefully you've learned that setting personal minimums in aviation is a must. In other words, at what maximum crosswind have you demonstrated proficiency in landing? Or what is the lowest ceiling you... Full story



How do you approach safety while flying? As a flight instructor we get to see and hear lots of issues that come up at the airport and try to be a sounding board for the issues that pilots bring up, bu... Full story


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