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 By Heather McNevin    Faast    May 1, 2022

Picking Up Your Aircraft After Maintenance

Not all aircraft owners have had anyone teach them about owning an airplane. I always tried to pass on some of that knowledge as I instructed, but many pilots lack a mentor in that area. One of the...

 By Heather McNevin    Faast    April 1, 2022

Pilot Report Can Aid Fellow Pilots

The pilot report, or PIREP, is an often appreciated bit of information, but how often do you actually submit one? PIREPs are, generally, only useful in a given area and for a small amount of time....


Information Is Best Shared In Both Directions

With the new ADS-B mandate taking effect last year, many people have recently upgraded their aircraft to include ADS-B Out. This meets the requirement but may not be the absolute best outcome when trying to increase your safety. As with many things,...


Fire Resistant Clothing: A Pilot Tool With Function

Everyone likes having their little toys. I feel, as pilots, we are especially attracted to new toys. The latest iPad mount for the cockpit, new avionics, a better headset, the list goes on. I am guilty of this as well. I have so many books and...


Prep for Cold Weather Flying

With the unseasonably warm weather, many of you likely took advantage to get in some flying. With cold weather on the forecast, we now have to prep for flying in cold. That might include making sure we have adequate cold weather gear in the aircraft...


When do you cancel IFR?

When do you cancel IFR? How do you make that determination? Lets examine a little about what your IFR clearance actually does for you. It means you have a cylinder of protected airspace around you where no other IFR traffic should be. What about VFR...


Taking Advantage of Webinars

Taking Advantage of Webinars It is likely that your flying has been impacted somehow by the unusual reality that we find ourselves in. Perhaps you haven’t been able to fly much and find your currency slipping. The gatherings at the airport,...



As we enter the fall season, the time for migratory bird activity is upon us. Very few pilots have had any training on bird activity, bird strikes, or reporting of bird strikes. While not a... Full story



I hope you never get hit with a laser but it is a situation that should be discussed before you get surprised. Unfortunately, shining aircraft with lasers is an increasingly popular past time for peop... Full story

 By Heather McNevin    Faast    May 1, 2018

Any Pilot Can Fly an ASR Approach

Have you ever flown an ASR approach? Have you ever even heard of it? Most pilots haven't, and that's a shame because it could save your life. ASR is a Surveillance Approach that is offered by an air... Full story

 By Heather McNevin    Faast    April 1, 2018


With Spring fast approaching, we are all eager to get back to summer flying and the exciting activities such as fly ins, trips to the lake, and not having to log night flight at 4:30 in the... Full story


Drone Encounters

Drones have become a rapidly growing industry in the last few years. People fly them for a variety of reasons, including photography, research, farming applications, survey work, rescue work, and pleasure. With the growing number of drone owners, we... Full story


Bird Strikes

At the risk of being criticized for already bringing up the subject of Christmas, please let me remind you the Holiday Season is upon us. Another year has sped by. It seems like yesterday we had... Full story

 By Heather McNevin    News    July 1, 2017

Request Flight Following

Many pilots are intimidated to ask for flight following, but it can be a great additional layer of safety for your flight! You'll get another set of eyes watching over you and helping you spot... Full story


Runway Incursions

Runway incursions are an increasingly more frequent issue that can catch an airman in a situation where they don't want to be. Out of roughly 80,000 daily operations in the National Airspace System,... Full story


FAAST Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team

Heather McNevin, CFI, Air Traffic Controller, NAFI Master Aviation Educator Have you ever landed at the wrong airport? Don’t worry, you are not alone. You may think this an impossible mistake given today’s technology but I assure you, people do... Full story


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