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Medications on the Mind: Flying (or not) with Drugs:111

Over the last two months we’ve been talking about the many problems that can pop up when using medicines while flying. Side effects to watch for in the labeling of over-the-counter medications... Full story


Medications on the Mind: Flying (or Not) with Drugs: II

Last month we covered things to think about before taking a medication and hopping into the cockpit. Medications can cause a world of trouble for a pilot including idiosyncratic reactions and... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

In 2011, the FAA reviewed the toxicology reports of 1,353 recent fatal General Aviation accidents. They found that 42 percent of all pilots involved had drugs in their blood stream that impaired... Full story


Central Serous Retinopathy: AKA Blind as a Bat!

One morning a while ago, a pilot friend awoke and noticed his eyesight was funny. His Venetian blinds looked wavy instead of straight. It seemed that colors weren’t as vivid as they should be.... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

Question 17b on your FAA MedXpress Form 8500-8 which you fill out before a flight physical, is one that gives folks a hard time: “Item 17b Do You Ever Use Near Vision Contact Lenses While... Full story


To Sleep: Perchance to Dream - in the Flight Levels

Going to sleep in flight can be a big problem. If you are the Pilot Flying going to sleep is really bad. If you're a long haul relief pilot, not going to sleep can spell trouble. A number of the airli... Full story


Can Arthritis Ground You?

As we get a little older its par for the course to get a little stiff and have a few aches and pains. If you fall into that silver-hair category, try sitting in a GA cockpit for five hours and then... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked about the medical issues of high altitude flying. Since then General Aviation pilots have been spending more and more time at higher altitudes. The... Full story


Flying by Ear

Communication is critical when flying, especially IFR. I was reminded of that a few years ago when we were in the clag, out of Atlanta, Minnesota bound. George was doing most of the flying and things... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

Have you ever thought that flinging yourself through the air at several hundred miles an hour, several miles above the earth in a tiny cylinder of aluminum is a bit odd? Probably not. You're a pilot... Full story


Flying with Hepatitis C

Not too long ago a pilot friend wandered into the clinic looking pretty rugged. His appetite was bad. He'd been losing weight. Felt tired all the time. He really got alarmed when he noticed his eyes t... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

A couple of years ago, one of our pilots strolled off the tarmac and ducked behind a tree to relieve himself. Much to his horror he produced a bright red urine stream. He had previously felt great.... Full story


Surviving in the Cold: What to do After You're Down

Well, it's still winter in Minnesota. Last month we talked about cold injury and how to avoid it while pre-flighting and operating your aircraft in a Northern winter. Now let's look at how to stay... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

If you've looked out the window recently, you've probably noticed its winter in Minnesota. Thus, it's time to talk about how you can easily loose bits and pieces of your anatomy on the tarmac if you... Full story


Flying with Glaucoma: A CACI Condition

I don't know about you but that kind of call from ATC always gives me the willies. Someone is buzzing around out there. They don't have enough sense to turn on their transponder, if they have one,... Full story


Flying with High Blood Pressure: A CACI Condition

Back in March of 2013, the FAA started defining “Conditions AMEs Can Issue (CACI).” They realized that many uncomplicated illnesses that had required a decision by the FAA in Oklahoma City could... Full story


Sudden Pilot Incapacitation: Yikes!

March 29 this year, a Boeing 737-300 (AA 1353) was on short final heading into KABQ down in Albuquerque when the First Officer suddenly slumped forward, unconscious. Fortunately, the Captain noticed,... Full story


Urinary Tract Infections and Flying

General aviation is great. You can jump in your airplane (after appropriate and exhaustive pre-flight planning, of course), point her in any direction you please and buzz along for as long as winds,... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

A little while ago an airman came in with a set of chest muscles that made him look not so much like Superman as a tom turkey. He was quite muscular all over. It was obvious that he'd been working... Full story


The FAA's New Approach to Sleep Apnea

It's been almost five years since we talked about sleep apnea (September, 2011) and the FAA's approach to this problem has been updated. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is very common. .It affects... Full story


Melanoma:The dark spot that can do you in!

Our cousin had a dark black spot on her lower leg for a couple of years. Her local doc told her not to worry. It got bigger. She let it slide for a few months as she and her husband were moving up... Full story


Basic Med, the Alternative to a Third Class Medical

Over the last two months we've covered the basics of BasicMed, an alternative to the Third Class Medical for flying legally. We've talked about what kind of flying you can and can't do under BasicMed;... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

Last month we took a look at some of the provisions of BasicMed, a new way to legally fly without a Third Class Medical Certificate. We talked about the restrictions on aircraft type and operation as... Full story


Aeromedical Forum

Last month we took a look at some of the provisions of BasicMed, a new way to legally fly without a Third Class Medical Certificate. We talked about the restrictions on aircraft type and operation as... Full story


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