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  • On to College for Aviation: What You'll Need to Get off the Ground

    James D. Latkin PhD MD FACP CFI CFII MEI|Sep 1, 2020

    Summer's days are passing by and COVID-19 willing, it will be off to college for a number of aspiring pilots. As Minnesotans we are blessed with a couple of first rate aviation programs at Minnesota State and up at the University of North Dakota. Thus, I've been talking with a number of soon to be college students and their parents about preparing to pack off for education in the wild blue. I've been impressed with the intelligence and motivation of so many of these students, two critical...

  • Aeromedical Forum

    James D. Latkin PhD MD FACP CFI CFII MEI, Airline Transport Pilot FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner|Aug 1, 2020

    I was planning a spine-tingling discussion on the use of seatbelts in aviation for this month, but it seems like the questions at the FBO are overwhelmingly about something else, COVID-19. Rightly so. As we try to inch back to a semblance of normalcy in the aviation community, we increasingly risk infection, hospitalization or even death. The rate of infection is skyrocketing nationally. Fortunately, here in Minnesota we have not seen exponential increases but, at this writing infection rates are beginning to creep up again. As pilots, we are...

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