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  • Cover April 2020

    Apr 1, 2020

    EAA's 1929 Ford 4AT-9 on approach to land on Runway 36 at Oshkosh....

  • MnPilots Hangar Flying

    Randle Corfman|Apr 1, 2020

    Uncertain times. We are certainly uncertain as I write this column. Our lives have changed drastically since I wrote last month’s column and we just don’t know which way is up about many things. Our gyroscopes are tumbling. We are needing to go on partial panel, in instrument flying terms. The Corona virus variant, COVID 19, that we are dealing with is well understood at many levels. It is quite contagious and is spread almost 100% by transmission via respiration droplets…aerosol, airbo... Full story

  • Confessions of an Airshow Announcer... Trimotor Showcase

    Tom Lymburn|Apr 1, 2020

    "Hey, aren't you the dude who announces up at Anoka?" He wore three Canon cameras, all with long expensive telephoto lenses, a sleeveless T-shirt, baggy cargo shorts, and sandals. His nose and forehead were seriously sunburned, as were the backs of his calves. "I have, yes," I replied and tried not to let the chocolate covered Dove ice cream bar drip on my shoes. "I thought I recognized the beard," he nodded. "You announcing here?" "Oh, no. Not here." "Have you ever announced here?" "Well,... Full story

  • WAI 2020 Conference Hosts Record Number of Attendees & Exhibitors

    Women in Aviation International|Apr 1, 2020

    WAI Three days focused on workforce issues, professional development & education seminars, and Girls in Aviation Day Orlando, Florida March 8, 2020 – Women in Aviation International held another successful annual gathering during the 31st Annual International Women in Aviation Conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, March 5-7, 2020. With its unique blend of top-notch speakers, busy exhibit hall, an array of education sessions, and more than 100 scholarship awards, the WAI 2020 conference delivered num... Full story

  • Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame 2020 Inductee:

    Brandon Montanye|Apr 1, 2020

    James "Jim" Baker is a native of Mankato, MN. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps at the age of 18. He learned to fly at Luke Field in Phoenix, Arizona. He conducted his solo flight in a Stearman. After earning his wings, Jim was assigned instructor duty in the Stearman at the Air Training Command. In 1945, Jim completed training in the B-25 Mitchell bomber and was awaiting deployment orders when Japan surrendered. After his transition from active duty in 1947, he returned to Minnesota and joined... Full story

  • Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Press Release

    Apr 1, 2020

    March 18, 2020 Due to recent events and to help prevent the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus, the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame (MAHOF) has decided to postpone our annual Inductee Banquet. It will be held in the same location, at the MSP Intercontinental Hotel on November 7, 2020. All associated banquet events, such as the Plaque Unveiling, will also be postponed. The health and safety of all involved is our top priority. Considerations were made to cancel the event, but our mission at MAHOF is to honor our inductees and give them the... Full story

  • Runway Selection

    Mark Cook, FAAST safety team rep|Apr 1, 2020

    We like to think at a non-towered airport, choosing the best runway for takeoff/landing is a simple matter of picking the runway best aligned with the wind. However, for many pilots a multitude of additional factors influence their decision. Runway length is perhaps the most obvious reason for choosing a runway not favored by the wind. High performance aircraft often need more runway to meet their takeoff performance requirements and are more likely to accept a crosswind than be limited by runway length. Traffic flow at uncontrolled airports... Full story

  • Aeromedical Forum

    James D. Lakin PhD MD FACP, CFI,CFII,MEI, Airline Transport Pilot, FAA Sen. Medical Examiner|Apr 1, 2020

    How many months are we into winter? How many pounds have we put on? Since you can only get so much exercise from throwing around snow, it's hard to avoid the "Late Winter Couch Potato Syndrome"! Lack of physical fitness and overweight are bad enough for the Average Joe. It sets you up for anything from lower back pain to hypertension to heart attacks. For a pilot, deconditioning can lead to problems in stamina, alertness and the ability to respond to the emotional and physical stressors... Full story


    EAA|Apr 1, 2020

    EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — (March 18, 2020) Even as in-person aviation gatherings have become less available this spring, EAA’s webinar series begins a second decade of providing aviation information, knowledge, and community to pilots everywhere. The EAA webinars provide group opportunities on topics ranging from aircraft maintenance and technology to pilot certification and flying clubs. In addition, specific webinars provide guidance to specialized areas such as EAA chapter leaders, aerobatic pilots, and more. “Ten years... Full story

  • WAI-University of Nebraska Omaha Studies Seek to Build Women in Aviation Ranks

    Women in Aviation International|Apr 1, 2020

    Results to inform recruitment strategies and retention of women aviation. March 6, 2020 – Recognizing the global aviation industry is facing an unprecedented challenge to meet the hiring needs of aviation professionals in the workforce, Women in Aviation International worked with Dr. Becky Lutte, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha Aviation Institute, on a series of studies to provide a current look at where the gaps in employment are for women in aviation. Together, the study results can be used by aviation companies and o... Full story

  • Third Annual EAA Chapter 878 Chili Feed Fly-In held at Buffalo Airport

    Wayne Flury|Apr 1, 2020

    On February 15, the main hangar of West Metro Aviation was filled with the aroma of hot chili as EAA Chapter 878 hosted their 3rd Annual Chili Feed Fly-In/Drive-In at the Buffalo (MN) airport. Mike Wiskus generously donated the use of his hangar, and the "Friends of the Buffalo Airport" (FOBA) and Steve Blyseth provided use of their tables and chairs. This event began three years ago as a social and fundraising event, giving pilots a destination to shake off the winter cold, plus to encourage... Full story

  • The Marine Corps Ball

    Tom Foster|Apr 1, 2020

    My blood pressure was about to spike. The youngest daughter had just told me she was going to the Marine Corps Ball. This was a successful and self-assured young woman, who could take care of herself very nicely. No matter. I was having flashbacks to a much different era, and the only time I'd ever been to a Marine Ball. November 10, 1775 is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Initially called the Continental Marines, their birth place was "Tun Tavern" in Philadelphia. Appropriately... Full story

  • The Mystery Airplane

    Tom Lymburn|Apr 1, 2020

    Carl Bucker, a World War I German naval aviator, founded Svenska Aero in 1921. He returned to Germany along with Swedish designer Anders Andersson in 1932. Established at Berlin-Johannisthal, Bucker produced a series of fine aerobatic and training aircraft, including the Jungmann, Jungmeister, and Bestmann, many of which served with the Luftwaffe and were manufactured under license in other countries. The prototype Bu-131 was first flown on 27 April 1934 by Joachim von Koppen. Early models were... Full story

  • Upcoming Events

    Check this column each month to see that dates have not been canceled or changed. Send notices six weeks in advance of publication to the Minnesota Flyer, P.O. Box 449, Moose Lake, MN 55767 or, Attention Pilots Be sure to get a Flight Service briefing from (800) WX-Brief before every flight and check your destination airport status. June 6: Grand Rapids, MN. Grand Rapids Municipal Airport Fly-In with full breakfast 7a.m.-1p.m. Contact: Larry Dangle 218-244-3056. June 14:Rush City Mn. Rush City Municipal Airport. Rush City...

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