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The Blues in the Wild Blue: Minor Depression

Everybody gets “down in the dumps” now and then. Marital or financial problems, a death in the family, job stress, change of location…you name it. Life can be darn hard and get the best of you f...


Alcohol and Aviation: They Don't Mix

OK, "tis the season to be jolly." Don't get me wrong. I'm really big on jolly. Problem is I'm also really big on making it through the holiday season alive and with my pilot's license intact. An...


Aeromedical Forum

Headaches and aviation are frequent companions. Anyone who has made a long cross country flight knows why. Hours of engine noise and vibration, traffic, buildups, headwinds that make your fuel consumption jump…any and all are headache generators. T...

 By James D Lakin    News    October 1, 2013

Jet lag: Is this Brussels or Bangkok?

PhD, MD, FACP CFI, CFII, MEI FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner An alarm clock is something I rarely need. That good ol’ internal ticker goes off just about sunrise. Likewise, I need a good... Full story


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