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By Heather McNevin
FAAST Team Leader 

Taking Advantage of Webinars


August 1, 2020

Taking Advantage of Webinars

It is likely that your flying has been impacted somehow by the unusual reality that we find ourselves in. Perhaps you haven’t been able to fly much and find your currency slipping. The gatherings at the airport, complete with all the usual hangar flying, haven’t been occurring. The aviation industry has been severely impacted. This is a good time to ensure you take your safety standards into consideration.

While in person safety seminars are likely not occurring, there are a myriad of online options available. If you pull up the http://www.faasafety.gov website and click on the “Activities, Courses, Seminars & Webinars” tab at the top. This will allow you to search for educational opportunities in your area (once they resume) or to select online options. Selecting “Seminars & Webinars” and leaving the search fields blank and then click “search”. This will bring up all webinars available and you can quickly search for ones that interest you.

With the current conditions, there are many more online educational opportunities that there have been traditionally. You should have opportunity to find live online sessions that satisfy the requirements for a level of the Wings Program. There are also online on-demand courses available on the FAA Safety website, as well as other popular organizations online.

This is a perfect opportunity to complete a level of the Wings program. If you are not a registered user yet, lucky you – you can create your account online, and free of charge! Each phase of the Wings program includes ground instruction that are logged as different types of credits. There are also flight credits that can be completed with your favorite flight instructor. At present, 40,678 pilots have completed at least one phase of the Wings program. Aside from the obvious benefits of continued education of your piloting skills, there are additional benefits. There are discounts on aircraft and renters insurance. The Wings program can also serve to satisfy your biennial flight review requirements. Clearly, there are a great many benefits and participation in the FAA Pilot Proficiency Wings Program is free of cost.

The Wings program is designed to improve general aviation pilots safety by providing the basic structure for a personally tailored proficiency program that mimics the continual training environments encountered in the airline and military aviation pipelines, which enjoy better safety records than general aviation. Participation is entirely voluntary and the topics and frequency of training are customizable to each pilot that chooses to participate. Check it out!


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