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MnDOT Aeronautics Statewide Economic Impact Study

In 2019, the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Office of Aeronautics conducted a study of the annual economic impacts generated by 126 of Minnesota’s 133 public airports. In addition to the 126 study airports, there are seven public... Full story


Flying through a MOA

One of the greatest perks of flying is being able to see and enjoy the beauty of the earth below. But while casually enjoying these sights, especially at lower altitudes, pilots must maintain... Full story


Directors Column

As I reflect on my visits to International Falls, one constant comes to mind; a warm welcome, a smile, a hug, from Mayor and Airport Commission Chair Bob Anderson. Sadly, a visit to I-Falls will no... Full story


What can we do?

To be a good pilot... The leading causes of general aviation (GA) accidents may come as a surprise to most GA pilots. In a June, 2019 article by Janice Wood, published in the General Aviation News, Wood said: “from 2008 to 2017, fatal accidents... Full story


Before it Becomes an Emergency

Those who truly love flying find that aviation is one of the things that actually defines them. It is their love and in fact their passion for aviation, that sets them apart from most others. People like this are easy to spot. If they hear the sound... Full story


From The Directors Desk

Every day I learn more about Aviation and the impact our MnDOT Aeronautics office has on air transportation for Minnesotans. Although I still feel “new” at the office, it has already been more... Full story


Opening the door to the future

Nearly every child has a dream or dreams of what they want to do for a career in the future. Many have a dream to fly fighters, airliners or airshow aerobatic aircraft for instance. Once they have tasted the excitement and freedom of aviation, it... Full story


GA and Gun Safety

Flying in the cool, crisp air of fall can be absolutely spectacular as mile after mile of brilliant color passes beneath your wings. The variety of changing hues and distinct colors is quite simply awe-inspiring. It is in fact one of the great joys o... Full story


Trust and Verify

We all have likely heard the old axiom, "trust, but verify!" It holds true today in many facets of our lives, especially in aviation. With all the "gee-whiz" technology that is available in today's... Full story


Making the right call

Imagine you are a new pilot and live in an area where you don't have an air traffic control tower (ATC) at your community airport. Perhaps you can fly from point A to a number of point B's and C's... Full story


From the Directors Desk

We are just weeks away from the opening of the EAA AirVenture at OshKosh, Wisconsin, July 22 through July 28, 2019. AirVenture is well known as the worlds' largest aviation gathering and fly-in. For... Full story


One of summers challenges

Minnesota is strikingly beautiful no matter which season, but summer is quite simply amazing. With brilliant blue skies, diamond sparkles on the lakes, and a patchwork quilt of rolling prairie as far as the eyes can see, the beauty is seemingly... Full story


No Plane, No Gain

"The mostly small, public-use airports across the country that are used by business aircraft are key economic engines, boosting jobs, local investment and economic activity in communities across the... Full story


The Violent Winds

Spring brings about changes in nature, the landscape, the weather, and even in people. The warmth of the strong sunshine and more daylight hours are welcomed with open arms. Even the early spring flowers and plants open their buds and spread their... Full story


Cassette Players, Pay Phones, and NDBs

It's been a while since I've ridden in a car with a cassette player. I know we have a lot more old aircraft in the system than old cars. One of the Bonanzas that MnDOT operates just turned 40 and thou... Full story


Just because spring is in sight...

Flying during any season in Minnesota can be stunningly beautiful. It can also present some really unique challenges. One of those unique challenges is icing. Yes, the days are getting longer and... Full story


From the Director's Desk

Spring is in sight and we have been working hard to prepare to participate in a number of outstanding aviation events for the spring-summer season. Here are a couple terrific events that I want to... Full story


No NOTAM does not mean no hazard

Pilots rely on NOTAMs. Runway closures, navaid outages, contaminated surfaces, poor braking action; these are all potential hazards that could affect the safety at an airport. Some hazards are predict... Full story


Their Dreams Took Flight

This is an inspiring story of three forward-thinking Minnesota high school students. They are neighbors and best friends in life, and are now about to launch themselves into building their respective... Full story


Plan to be an ACE

Students in the 10 through 12th grades have an opportunity to experience more aviation than they probably thought exists. They can do that by attending the one of the 2019 Aviation Education Careers... Full story


From the Director's Desk

In my last column, I addressed Grant Assurances, what they are, what they do, and why we need them. This time I want to address Minimum Standards. While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does... Full story


Your Winter Checklist

Most pilots who have flown for a year or more have likely experienced flying in cold weather. Some may actually prefer to fly in the winter months because there are few threats of thunderstorms (at... Full story


Your Favorite Airport

Every aviator has a unique fondness in their heart for an airport that holds special memories for them. Those memories will forever remain with them. The picture of that airport, in their mind, will... Full story


Five Things You Should Know About PIREPs:*

A pilot report or PIREP is a pilot’s report of actual weather conditions encountered while airborne. A PIREP’s main purpose is safety — it helps weather forecasters update their data and improve quality of forecast A PIREP filed to report good... Full story


Into the Blue

These days it is common practice for nearly everyone to spend large amounts of time staring at electronic screens. Whether for work or for fun, our electronic devices have been deeply embedded in our... Full story


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