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    Brad Heck, FAA Safety Team Representative|Apr 1, 2019

    The Insidious Creep of Hazardous Attitudes. We all tested on the FAA’s top 5 Hazardous Attitudes and learned their antidotes. For review, let’s examine them again just to refresh: Anti-Authority – A purposeful disregard for rules, regulations, or common courtesy Antidote: Follow the rules; they are usually right Impulsivity – Something, anything, must be done right now right or wrong Antidote: Not so fast, think first Macho – Taking undue risk and being a “show off” Antidote: Taking chances is foolish Invulnerability – Accidents only happen to... Full story

  • FAAST Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team

    Brad Heck|Feb 1, 2017

    Recently I hitched a ride to Rochester International from Stanton Airfield to retrieve an aircraft. When my ride arrived, we watched his landing and commented that his white strobe lights weren't on. At half a mile from our viewpoint we finally saw them blinking. A cold overcast blanketed the Earth at 6000 AGL. The flight to RST was noneventful as we enjoyed the dense air and added performance in the Cessna 172. We received instruction to report the field in sight at 10 miles out. GPS says 12... Full story