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Confessions of an Airshow Announcer – 'The Growler'


Tom Lymburn

WL790, the last airworthy Shackleton in repose on the Oshkosh grass. The radar dome is clearly visible as are the red-white-red tips of the contra-rotating props.

The red-white-red tips began their slow meshing. Gradually, with the deep growl of the four 2450 hp Rolls Royce Griffon 57A's increasing, the contra-rotating blades became a mad blur. If you suffered from migraines, you wouldn't want to watch too closely or too long. The Holman Field ramp was jammed with spectators and cameras.

The long checklist took a while to complete, and finally, the huge blue-gray monster began to taxi off the dried grass and swung ever so ponderously onto the asphalt ramp. WL790 waddled, tail down, and headed for Runway 14 via taxiway Echo, passed the parked single e...

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