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Mystery Airplane: June 2015

Flaglor High Tow

The Vintage Aircraft Association's "Round Engine Rodeo" in 2013 attracted a wide variety of beautiful and rare radial engined classics. Waco, Travel Air, Beech, Stinson, Stearman, Spartan, Grumman, de Havilland, Howard, Lockheed, Douglas - you name it, the great radial engined aircraft were represented.

One unique biplane parked a little ways from Greg Herrick's Stinson trimotor that I was ground crew on, was the one of a kind Flaglor High Tow, a 220 hp Continental powered glider tug built by Ken Flagler in 1957 using parts from a Fleet 16B and a Waco. Also known as the Flagler Fleet, it was b...


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