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Mystery Airplane: February 2015

Hannaford Bee (Rose Parrakeet)

This month's winner Dave Gunderson of Mora wrote, "This little beauty is a Hannaford Bee-model D-1, completed in 1981 by homebuilder John Bright." Joe Connell of Stewartville wasn't fooled either, "I have a Kitfox and used to share a hangar at the Rochester Airport with John Hanson who built a Parakeet." Barry Taylor of Ottumwa, Iowa, called it, "One of my favorite airplanes." Graydon Carlson found the answer in a 1955-1956 issue of Air Progress magazine! Did you note the two different spellings, Parakeet and Parrakeet?

Produced under Group 2 Approval #2-514 of 28 August 1935, by the Jack Rose...


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