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  • Airport Maintenance From A Pilot's Perspective

    Chris Meyer, MnDOT Aeronautics|Jun 1, 2021

    As pilots, we have a lot to think about when preparing for a flight. In fact, we're legally obligated. The Federal Regulation regarding Preflight Action (91.103), says, "Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight." Further, 14 CFR Part 91.3, Responsibility and authority of the pilot in command says, "The pilot in command of an aircraft is directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to the operation of...

  • COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols for Aircraft

    Chris Meyer, Minnesota Department of Transportation Aeronautics|Dec 1, 2020

    To say COVID-19 has changed our way of life is an understatement. Wearing face masks has become the new standard, families with children are adjusting to altered methods of schooling, and businesses are having to create new practices to keep customers safe. One specific area COVID-19 has had an effect on is how operators clean and disinfect aircraft before and after flight operations. As a pilot and/or aircraft owner, have you done anything differently? When cleaning and disinfecting aircraft, it’s important to follow any and all guidance...