Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame 2023 Inductee BARBARA MACK


November 1, 2022

Barbara Mack

1943 - Barbara Mack was born in Minnesota. In 1964 she

experienced her first airplane ride at the St. Cloud airport in

a Cessna 172. She earned her Private Pilot license a year later

and proceeded to acquire additional licenses including

Instrument, Commercial, Instructor, Seaplane SES, Seaplane

MES, ATP, Balloon, Glider, Helicopter among others. After

earning her Bachelor's and Master's degrees, she started a

career as an Educator, teaching in the Robbinsdale School


Eventually she immersed herself into aviation. Belonging to

the International Aerobatics Club (IAC) she often dresses as

"Granny," performing crazy airshow acts in an American

Champion Citabria. She has flown almost every modern type

of aircraft, including corporate jets. Her career included her

flying professionally for A&P Aviation located at the Anoka

County Airport; Copper Sales Company of Holman Field, St.

Paul; and Modern Tool Company of Crystal Airport.

Mack represents the epitome of a life devoted to aviation.

Since she began her career, she has literally flown hundreds

of different type, model, and series of aircraft. What makes

her exceptional is her years of dedicated instructing. Her

reputation for professionalism, understanding and emphasis

on safety are noted by numbers of her former students.

One student remarked, "I am confident I learned something

significant every single flight." She and her husband Ed's

hangar door at Anoka County – Blaine Airport was always

"open" to visit with and advise students and aviation persons.

She continues to work as an FAA Flight Examiner.

Mack is a founding member of the Minnesota Pilots

Association. She was awarded the high honor of the Wright

Brothers Master Pilot Award from the FAA in 2017 for 50-plus

years of safe flying. Mack also earned recognition from the

Metropolitan Airports Commission for her efforts to promote

the Anoka County Airport. She worked with the FAA General

Aviation District Office, assisting with safety seminars and

training sessions. She was the FAA Safety Team

Representative of the Year in 2010. She has been a guest

speaker many times at the Great Minnesota Aviation

Gathering, providing valuable insight about the check ride

process to student pilots and flight instructors.

Barbara Mack represents Minnesota's outstanding flight

instruction professionals. She has never had any other hobby

but flying, this in turn has had an immense influence on

Minnesota Aviation.


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