By Jeff Flynn
Chief Pilot, MnDOT Aeronautics 

Instrument Approach Briefings Have Key Elements

Preparing Both Pilot, Aircraft Creates Successful Outcomes


Graphic Courtesy MnDOT Aeronautics

The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides its pilots with guidance on how to prepare for an instrument approach. The guidance includes the key elements of the procedure. This graphic shows where they are found on an approach plate.

The purpose of an instrument approach procedure is to allow pilots to transition from the instrument environment to the visual environment. Instrument approaches come with clearly defined procedures that allow pilots to navigate to a point near a destination airport, ideally allowing the pilot to visually acquire the runway for landing. The part that is not clearly defined is how to brief an approach prior to commencing the approach. In most cases, it is left to the pilot to decide exactly how to brief the approach. Let's call it a technique.

Some pilots work for organizations that have the...

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