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Storm Damages Five Hangars At Crystal

NOTAMs Issued; Airport Affected By Power Outage, Debris

Five hangars were damaged Wednesday, May 11, at the Metropolitan Airport Commission's Crystal Airport after powerful spring storms plowed through the area.

Airport Manager Mike Wilson said he received a call about 8:30 p.m. reporting a roof had blown off of a hangar. "Our initial call for closure came at 8:45 p.m. and we decided an hour later to close the airport overnight because of the lights being out," Wilson said, adding he had received a call from the tower informed him power was out at the entire airport

"We got all of the overnight debris cleaned up before 7 a.m. Thursday," he said. Crystal did have a taxiway stay closed for another 20 minutes after the Thursday morning reopening time so airport staff could get out and sweep, Wilson added.

Two of the five hangars damaged at Crystal Wednesday night had collapsed roofs, Wilson said. One hangar's side wall fell onto the hangar next to it. "Some cinder blocks went through the roof of a hangar," Wilson reported, adding the airport's fuel system was out for about an hour in the morning. NOTAMs were issued both days.

The National Weather Service reported winds gusting over 60 mph accompanied with hail and heavy rain moved through the Twin Cities just after 8 p.m. FAA personnel in the control tower cab left for a short period, Wilson said. "There was debris on Taxiway Alpha. The tower wasn't sure about other debris," he said.


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