Airport Of The Month – Fergus Falls

Edge Lighting System Replacement Improves Safety


Photo Courtesy Tim Wegwerth Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.

Fergus Falls also has a full approach lighting system (MALSR) on Runway 31. While the HIRLs were being installed, so were new Runway End Identifier Lights (REILs) on Runway 13.

Much of the wisdom imparted by the Federal Aviation Administration is contained in publications called "Advisory Circulars" or ACs. Both thorough and interesting, they cover a variety of subjects including how to build just about everything on an airport.

The "Airport Series" start with 150 and the one that addresses airport lighting is 150/5340-30. Using the term "advisory" is not really accurate.

Just try building something on a public airport that doesn't conform to the appropriate AC and see what happens on the next inspection. Don't even think about FAA funding if you don't comply. On...

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