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'Honey Bun 7' Has New Home in Australia

Cessna 185's Moninker Provided By WWII Pilot John Parker


February 1, 2021

Photo Courtesy David Berger

The Cessna 185 (aka "Skywagon") is the perfect airplane for bush flying, and one that Dr. David Berger long wanted to own. Berger is a district medical officer in the Broome, Western Australia. He purchased N185MW from a private owner in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2015. Before it was 185MW, Dr. Berger's Cessna was N105NR operated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and flown by John Parker until his retirement. Warden-Pilot Parker spent his entire DNR flying career based in Warroad. When he served as a P-47 pilot during World War II he started naming his airplanes Honey Bun. That was his pet name for the girl he'd left behind when he went off to war. She later became his wife, and Parker kept the tradition going with his DNR airplanes, including 105NR, named Honey Bun 7.

David Berger is a District Medical Officer in Broome, Western Australia. There are nine regions in Western Australia.

Broome is in the Kimberly region on the northwest coast. It's a fascinating place. Local indigenous people painted their thoughts in rock art that can still be seen 40,000 years later. Metals, petroleum, and agriculture sustain the local economy.

Diving for natural pearls is a major activity, as is farming oysters. One third of the world's diamonds are mined in Kimberly. Beautiful beaches line the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean, many of which are not accessible by road.


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