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By Randle Corfman
Minnesota Pilots Association President 

The Only Constant Is Change


February 1, 2021

“The only constant is change.” That phrase has been attributed to Albert Einstein, the brilliant physicist who was able to address quite abstract concepts and shape the way we approach many physical observations. If social change is inevitable it is our hope that we can help shape that change in a way that is fair and benefits our society. It has been our charge to work to protect the privilege of flight in Minnesota, and we have worked alongside other national organizations (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, Recreational Aviation Foundation) to help address the changes that we face. At this moment in time it is my feeling that we, as aviators, will be facing some intense battles to preserve privileges that we hold dear.

From the very meager beginning of the MN Pilots Association we have realized that we needed a way to communicate with those who appreciate aviation in Minnesota. We felt we needed a printed voice to get our message out and it was at that time that we approached Tim Franklin (who was owner and publisher of the Minnesota Flyer magazine) to see if he would be willing to partner with us and to serve as a rather “unofficial” voice of the MN Pilots Association. He kindly and enthusiastically agreed to support us and it was through his generosity that we established this “Hangar Flying” column. It was also our opportunity and privilege of being introduced to Charlotte Swanson, who became the managing

editor of the Minnesota Flyer.

Charlotte worked tirelessly and fervently to transform the Flyer into a magazine that emphasized the social side of aviation in Minnesota. A newbie to aviation, she was able to quickly put her finger on the pulse of aviation and accentuate aviation events in our state rather than what had become a rather mundane view of aviation. She was magnificent and she was aided by Verlena Jones, her assistant, in putting together the Flyer.

When Charlotte passed away suddenly the huge void was filled by Verlena and when the ownership of the Flyer changed Verlena did her very best to continue the course that had been plotted by Charlotte. Verlena worked tirelessly, just like Charlotte, to gain a breadth of reporting of all things aviation in Minnesota. We appreciate her efforts very much.

Verlena made the decision to pass the baton after the January issue of the Flyer and Jeff Andres, publisher of the Flyer, has guided the Flyer by appointing Tim Hennagir as the managing editor of the Flyer. I have had the pleasure of visiting with Tim and we are excited by his understanding of aviation in Minnesota and by his familiarity with aviation. As he takes the controls we are quite hopeful that the general course that was established

by Tim, then by Charlotte, then by Verlena, will be maintained and improved upon.

We welcome Tim, and pledge our support in taking the Flyer to new heights!


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