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Memories of Oshkosh


September 1, 2020

Photo courtesy of Greg Drawbaugh

Super-Fortress "Doc" makes a nice, low pass down runway 36 at Oshkosh.

This collection of photo memories was submitted by aviation enthusiast and photographer, Greg Drawbaugh.

For myself as a non-pilot and non-aviator, taking images of the event is the main purpose of my visit each year. I especially like shooting during the flying demonstrations. For the past few years, I have made a connection with the ladies with the Warbird Living History Group, and I try to organize a photo shoot with these ladies and an owner of an aircraft. The shoot with the ladies always ends up being my highlight of the week at Oshkosh.

Photo courtesy of Greg Drawbaugh

North American B-25D "Yankee Warrior" makes a nice pass during the Wednesday night airshow at Oshkosh 2017. "Yankee Warrior" is the sole flying D Model B-25 remaining and saw action in Italy in 1944.

If I had to pick a favorite part of the airshows it would have to be the warbirds. The head-on image of the B-29 Doc may be one of my all-time favorite Oshkosh images, and it was taken from the ground, honest. I also like to shoot when the light is not perfect, as the images can get a special look and I enjoy something different. The image of the B-25D Yankee Warrior is one such image.

An airshow would not be complete without some barn-storming demonstrations, and there are few as good as Kyle Franklin. The sheer power of his demonstrations flying his one-of-a-kind Dracula biplane are jaw-dropping, and this image captures him at the end of another great performance.

"Only in Oshkosh" is a tagline that applies to witnessing a Martin Mars making a water drop at show center. The year 2016 was extra special when Coulson Flying Tankers brought their Mars to Oshkosh and participated in the afternoon airshow.

Last, as a non-pilot, getting a ride for some air to air photography has long been a goal of mine. In 2018, my long-standing goal was achieved with an early morning ride in a Vultee BT-13. To me, this was my best Oshkosh adventure, so far...


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