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Introducing a new column coming to the Minnesota Flyer

This will be a new regular column where readers who are in the process of building or restoring their own aircraft can send in their questions to be answered in a future issue of the Minnesota Flyer by Technical Advisor Mark Manning.

Please submit your questions along with a photo whenever possible to:

As Technical Advisor, Mark Manning brings with him over 38 years of aviation experience. He has performed maintenance on over 35 different types of aircraft and has flown more than 25 different models of aircraft.


Mark was born in North Dakota and grew up on a farm there. From a very young age he was always busy with something or other in his dad's shop.

After graduating high school in 1979 Mark attended Lake Region Junior College in Devils Lake, North Dakota graduating as an automotive technician.

In 1980 Mark married his wife Patricia.

His aviation career began in 1982 when he started flying and earned his private pilot certificate. He attended Thief River Falls Technical College and obtained his A&P certificate then moved to Georgia in 1991 to work at Delta Airlines where he worked on many large jet aircraft.

In 1997, family ties brought Mark back to Minnesota and to work for Northwest Airlines where he worked on all aspects of the jet aircraft, sheet metal, composites, avionics, engines, etc. With the closure of Northwest, he went to work for Cirrus Design. By this time, he had obtained his Inspection Authorization and Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Instructor certificates. During his time at Cirrus, Mark worked as an inspector, flight instructor and mechanic. Though he worked on the new Cirrus jet, most of his time was spent as an accident investigator working with the FAA and NTSB which he found very interesting.

Mark then went on to work at Lake Superior College as the Chief Flight Instructor for just over two years.

It was during his time at Northwest Airlines that Mark joined the local EAA Chapter 1221 in Cloquet. That was when he started aircraft restoration as a side hobby. In his free time, he likes to stay busy working on projects in his home shop and does some local annual inspections to keep current with his Inspection Authorization.

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