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Flash Mob Fly-In 2020


Photo courtesy of Jeremy D. Dando

All in, I counted 34 planes flying in. I wanted to count the CRJ that Delta had on the ramp, but they overnighted instead of flying in!

Highlights and photos: Courtesy of aviation writer/photographer Jeremy D. Dando

Aviators in Minnesota are hardy folks. They do not let the long cold winters put an end to their flying. Not wanting to remain in hibernation the first fly in of 2020 was organized for 01 January, 2020!

Photo courtesy of Jeremy D. Dando

This nice twin Cessna came up from KMIC.

John Holand had the idea for a New Year's Day fly-in and did all the heavy lifting to get a group of aviators interested in heading up to Brainerd from the Twin Cities area. If you needed additional motivation to go fly, John and his wife Jody made custom wheel chocks for all the airplanes that pre-registered.

The Wings Airport Café was packed to the gills and took care of the hungry pilots and passengers. The food was good with many of the pilots opting for the roasted pork special. The "Cowboy Burger" also got good reviews.

After lunch, the pilots emerged to find the weather had deteriorated and there was some light drizzle on a few planes that had frozen onto the early arrivals. After some de-icing everyone was able to head home to clearer skies.


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