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"42-year-old Mystery solved with back issue of Minnesota Flyer."

I've been a subscriber to the Minnesota Flyer since I learned to fly in 1963-and I save the back issues.

I was cataloging some old issues last week-(and of course, I had to take the time to read what was important back then)!

From the May, 1969 issue, I saw the "New type of STOL Modifications" column-and it solved a 42-year-old mystery.

In 1977, we purchased the FBO at Owatonna, Minnesota from Thunderbird. Tucked up into the rafters in the attic were two crates with STOL leading edges, and wingtip fairings to match-clearly a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) kit.

The STOL kit preceeded Thunderbird's acquisition of the FBO. Nobody knew what airplane they fit, but it clearly was for a Cessna.

On one of the boxes, there was a part of an address at "Meacham Field" (all but the hangar number was obscured).

We knew they were for a Cessna, but didn't know which model. An internet search came up empty.

The Minnesota Flyer article even turned up the STC number 995SW, and mentioned that it fits the Cessna 150, 170, 172. 175, 180, 185, 205, 206, 207, and 210s (through the F model). (One wonders why the 182 wasn't included in the list).The marketing name was "Owl STOL."

If anybody can make use of these brand new/old parts, I'll sell them at the 50-year-old introductory price mentioned-$995-a real bargain!

As Sherm Booen used to say-"This wonderful world of Aviation!"

Jim Hanson is the long-time FBO at Albert Lea, MN. He has been in the business for so long that people often say HE is an "aviation artifact" himself! Jim can be reached at his airport office-507-373-0608, or


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