MnDOT Award Given

Gold Level Award Recipient


September 1, 2019

Photo courtesy of Craig M. Rodamaker

Craig M. Rodamaker shown here with Cassandra Issacson, President Mn DOT Department of Aeronautics.

Minnesota Flyer reader, Craig M. Rodamaker was recently awarded the top "Gold Level" award from MNDOT Aeronautics for completing their "Fly Minnesota Airports Passport" program.

Craig states that "Essentially, I flew into over 130 of the 136 airports in MN and got my "passport" stamped at each, and also visited at least 6 aviation museums in MN and attended more than 6 FAA safely seminars. It took me about 6 years to complete this exercise, and according to Darlene at MNDOT there are only 43 pilots in MN who have ever qualified for the top Gold level."

Along with the certificate, Craig was awarded a leather flight jacket, cap, flight bag, pins, flight cooler, certificates, and very large MN map of all the airports.

Thank you to Craig for sending us this information and congratulations on this award!


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