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Aerospace Welding Inc. Minneapolis Now Manufacturing Exhaust Collector Assemblies for Cessna 180/182

Minneapolis, MN – Replacement exhaust collector assemblies are available for Cessna 180/182s through Aerospace Welding Inc. Minneapolis (AWI). Manufactured with a PMA and fabricated with the same materials used in the factory original systems, the combined stacks bolt onto the right and left side of the engine and are then attached to the muffler.

The only difference between the AWI system and the original is the use of slip joints in place of clamped components. The “sleeve” upgrade will extend the life of the exhaust collector by alleviating thermal stresses between riser pipes and the center stack assembly.

Any A&P mechanic can replace the original exhaust collector assemblies with FAA certified AWI components. Each exhaust collector comes with a data tag that spells out the company that produced the part, the PMA part number, approved replacements for part numbers, installation eligibility and the serial number of the part. The tags and part numbers are entered into the aircraft engine logbook.

Each part of the replacement exhaust system comes with a 12 month, unlimited hours warranty against workmanship defects. The life of the components will vary with the type of engine operations and maintenance program.


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