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By V. Jones 

Another successful Fly-In /Drive-In Breakfast


V. Jones

One of the many planes flown in for this event.

Once again, aside from a little wind, the weather was perfect for a fly-in event!

V. Jones

Another plane flown in for a breakfast stop.

The Lakes Flying Club Annual Fly-In/Drive-In Pancake Breakfast on Sat., June 15th, had a lot to offer.

Planes, as well as vehicles, full of hungry people came and went all day long.

Emergency Responders were there with an ambulance and a fire truck to look over and ask questions about.

A Life Flight Helicopter and an Air Care Medical Helicopter were also there. Both of these drew a lot of interest from the crowd. We all hope to never have need for their services but they are really interesting to learn about.

For those wanting an airplane ride, Superior Flying Services was available to take them up for a small fee. The crowd kept them busy throughout the day.


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