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By Randle Corfman
President, Minnesota Pilots Association 

New Year, new beginnings!


January 1, 2019

With the New Year comes the hope that the coming year will be even better than the last. It gives us the opportunity to stop, look back, and put things into perspective. We make some New Year’s resolutions, and often check off a few items from our bucket list.

The New Year presents some distinct challenges for the Minnesota Pilots Association. One of the primary efforts has been bringing pilots and aviation enthusiasts together at the Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering (GMAG). The GMAGs have succeeded far beyond the hopes of the leader- ship when we met to plan the rst event in 2014. That success was the result of many things, not the least of which was the generous offer by Greg Herrick for us to hold the event at the Golden Wings Flying Museum, an opportunity for which we have been very grateful.

We have also greatly appreciated the donation of EAAChapter237’shangarfor some of our GMAG Hangar Flying sessions.

Due to changes within Golden Wings, that space is no longer available. We are now faced with nding another suitable venue. The search is on for an airport environment, near the Twin Cities. We would like our membership and pilots

from other states to be able to y or drive in. Our needs include a large exhibition hall to house 40-50 exhibitors comfortably, and spaces to hold concurrent “Hangar Flying” sessions. Ample parking is necessary for cars within walking distance of the venue, given the fact that weather in late April can be sunny and warm, or snowy and cold. The shoes left by exit of the Golden Wings museum as an option are pretty big ones to ll!

Thanks to all the encouragement from pilots, vendors, sponsors, and attendees, we are pleased and humbled to know people truly care that the GMAG tradition continue. As we all know, when one door closes, there are often other doors which open. We are excited tell you we are in discussions with a well- respected, long established entitythatisableto llour needs!

While those original GMAG days at Golden Wings will remain treasured memories, the Minnesota Pilots Association is con dent we will be able to bring pilots together for two days of celebrating aviation in the future.

We look forward to experiencing what a new venue has to offer, what positive experiences are in store, what solid relationships will be built to prosper those whom GMAG brings together. We look forward to announcing where GMAG will be held, Friday and Saturday, April 26- 27, 2019.

We wish you a great year of ying in 2019, with many blue skies and tailwinds! Happy New Year!


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