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Five Things You Should Know About PIREPs:*

A pilot report or PIREP is a pilot’s report of actual weather conditions encountered while airborne.

A PIREP’s main purpose is safety — it helps weather forecasters update their data and improve quality of forecast

A PIREP filed to report good weather is just as important as a PIREP filed to report bad weather.

Yes, you can submit them electronically. Check out the electronic PIREP submission tool at the National Weather Service’s Aviation Weather Center Digital Data Service (ADDS) website.

Don’t be overly concerned with strict format or phraseology. The important thing is to relay information beneficial to other pilots.

A good way to refine your reporting skills is to reference the Aeronautical Information Manual paragraphs 7-1-20, -21, and -22. Also, FAA Advisory Circular 00-45H, Aviation Weather Services, contains extensive information on how to report and read PIREPs, how to apply intensity modifiers for precipitation and other weather phenomena, and how to use the remarks section to further describe the weather phenomena.

FAA Advisory Circular 00-45H, Aviation Weather Services

*Taken directly from the FAA Safety Briefing March/April2018


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