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Welcome to Surfside

A welcoming body of water, a grass strip, airplanes, a pig roast, corn on the cob dipped in butter, and the camaraderie of fellow aviators...what more does a warm summer afternoon need to be great? The Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association experienced all this and more at their annual pig roast at Lino Lakes Seaplane Base, commonly known among pilots as Surfside. This year's event, held August 12, brought in a record breaking 292 visitors.

Attendees also had the opportunity to acquire information about aircraft floats from the ever cheerful, Amy Gesh, Marking Manager tending the Wipaire, Inc. booth.

Mitch and Lindsey Osowski of Tin Tail Numbers supplied added the bonus of a drawing for a piece of artwork on a tin base, won by Roger Southwick.

As always, FBO manager Bruce Hanson and Cheri Burger, his daughter were on the grounds to provide the base of smooth operations for the day's air and ground traffic, supported by an array of volunteers who helped set up tables, prepare food and serve food, assist with parking vehicles and aircraft, and clean up and restore the grounds to their pre-gathering condition.

MSPA President, Steve Guetter sent a note of appreciation to volunteers stating, "I can not say enough about all of the volunteers we had to set up, serve food and tear down. Thank you for all of your efforts!"

Well done, team! More treasured memories created in favor of all that is enjoyable about general aviation, especially as enhanced by the seaplane experience.

Photographer Ray Pittman was there to capture images of the fun day.


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