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Brigham Nelson receives $10,000 scholarship

Academy College continues Sherm Booen Legacy Scholarship program


September 1, 2018

Photo courtesy of Academy College

Roger Sage, Director of Education, Nancy Grazzini-Olson, President, Brigham Nelson, Scholarship Winner, Julie Falk, Aviation Specialist, Cindy Mayne, Aviation Coordinator, Andrew Scoblionko, Director of Admissions.

Established in 2016 to celebrate Academy College's 80th Anniversary, the scholarship provides $10,000 for one aviation degree seeking student pursuing a professional pilot career in honor of Sherm Booen.

Academy College, Bloomington

Meet Brigham Nelson: Brigham Nelson was born and raised in River Falls, Wisconsin. He was inspired by aviation at a young age because of his interest in remote control airplanes.

In the beginning, he struggled with take-offs and landings, but with time, he acquired proficiency with four-channel controls and was able to perform loops and barrel rolls.

After graduating from River Falls, WI High School, Brigham wondered if his love for flying remote control airplanes could transition to flying real airplanes as a career.

In 2014, Brigham walked into Academy College and his dream became a reality. He enrolled in the four-year Commercial Pilot Program and never looked back.

Brigham has completed his Commercial Pilot Certification and will be starting Multi-Engine and Flight Instructor courses this fall. He has the support of his parents and fiancée. Brigham's goal is to become a commercial airline pilot and give back to the community by teaching young kids about aviation and of course, flying remote control airplanes.

Congratulations Brigham!


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