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I just returned from six days of flying and aviation fun, having taken advantage of the chance to fly into New Holstein, Wisconsin, and camp with our friends at and to participate in the New Holstein Short Field Takeoff, Landing and Flour Drop exhibition.

There were many there from Minnesota and literally from every corner of the United States. We endured days of rain, spending many hours under a pavilion, visiting and meeting new friends. It was quite amazing that we really didn’t mind the rain much at all.

We have quite a unique group of friends in aviation. We come from many walks of life, with varied cultural backgrounds and different political views, yet we can sit back, relax, and hangar talk till the cows come home.We may have some pretty strong feelings about some subjects but we set those aside and celebrate the wonderful opportunities and privileges which exist in our dear country.

It is a special treat to have pilots from other countries spend time with us. When we hear of the restrictions in place in Europe for example, it makes us shudder to think of what that would be like for those of us who fly here. If one thinks it to be expensive to fly here, take a few minutes and research the costs and limitations experienced by folks who live in other countries. It is a sobering thought.

There is really no better place than AirVenture to get the opportunity to meet people from other countries, nor is there a better place to see aviation technologies as they develop. We are so lucky to be living within an easy drive of Oshkosh, or a relatively easy flight. Many have long distances to conquer in traveling to and from what is perhaps the greatest aviation event in the world. If you haven’t been there, please take a moment to put it on your calendars!

Perhaps the bottom line on my rambling is that we are really lucky to have aviation so readily available to us, and we are really lucky to have the fellowship of friends in aviation.

These freedoms don’t come easily. We must maintain a constant vigil as there are those who would have our freedoms significantly limited.That is one of the reasons the Minnesota Pilots Association was formed. There is strength in numbers, a cliché that is very important as we work to preserve our freedom to fly.

As the summer comes to an end please take a moment to think about the importance of aviation to you, personally, and to your communities. Please try to become involved at your local airports, at your local FBO, at your local flying clubs.Your involvement is very important.


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