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Flyers who take advantage of winter events

Thanks to Minnesota Flyer reader, Rick Mercil for his open letter to readers. Enjoy!

Fellow aviators:

We sure had a great couple of weekends in February and March for flying.

Jr's corner put on a great fly-in on February 24 on Upper Red Lake. The hot roast beef sandwich was one of the best I've had. Tanis Heater Company was a great sponsor and supporter of the event.

The next day my son and I made our way to Warroad, landed on the river, and walked up to the Legion for some great Pancakes. Amy with Wipaire was there and my son was given a really nice thermal mug and calendar.

A couple weekends later, Ice-Port 2018 took place on March 3. A beautiful Blue Bird day brought over 50 aircraft from all over the upper Midwest.

Twin Pines Resort did a great job with the BBQs. I got a kick out of the Minnesota outhouse they made available (aka fish house).

I found out about these events in the Minnesota Flyer and plan to keep flying to the upcoming events.

See you there!


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