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By Randle Corfman
President, Minnesota Pilots Association 

MNPilots Hangar Flying

Great speakers at GMAG


The 2018 Great MN Aviation Gathering is upon us, folks! We are confident this will be the best one yet!

The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 27-28, at Golden Wings Flying Museum at KANE, likely for the last year at this beautiful and unique venue.

GMAG is a great place to speak aviation. It doesn’t get much better than hangar flying with your fellow aviators as we celebrate aviation in our state.

The Hangar Flying Sessions are featuring some top notch speakers again this year, with topics ranging from owner assisted maintenance to flying drones to improving piloting skills to honing our short field takeoff and landing skills. Did I mention top notch speakers?

We have award winning flight instructors speaking. We have an expert speaking about BasicMed and FAA medical certification. We have one of the most experienced bush pilots in the world speaking. We have an expert on aviation batteries speaking...you will get a charge out of that!

We are truly blessed with some terrific speakers here in Minnesota. They are gracious enough to volunteer their time and expertise to making this a great event for you.

This year we will also be giving out some well-deserved awards on Saturday afternoon, ranging from FAA Master Pilot Awards to recognizing the EAA chapter and pilot who have given the greatest number of Young Eagle flights for 2017.

We even have a special award or two to be given to some people who have made a big difference in the lives of pilots in Minnesota. Please make sure you are there to applaud these awesome people.

EAA Chapter 237 is hosting the 2018 Minnesota EAA Leadership Summit this year on the Friday evening. We hope there will be another lively discussion and exchange of ideas. Chapter leaders from across the state will be forming a gaggle at the event, helping to find more ways to get young and old, alike, involved in aviation.

We heard your suggestions for better food. We have a treat for you with and introduction to food trucks. They are the rage in Minneapolis. They will be here to satisfy your aviation culinary needs.

We will have a great selection of aviation-related companies and organizations again this year. We hope you will visit their booths and let them know how much you appreciate them being there to support general aviation in Minnesota.

Of course, the main reason for having this event is you! This is your organization, your event. For flying out loud, we hope you will fly in or drive in and enjoy our 5th Annual GMAG. Oh, yes, bring some warm weather and clear skies, would you? Thanks, see you there!


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