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Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame announces scholarship availability

The Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame (MAHoF) is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships to be awarded at the Annual MAHoF Induction Banquet. These scholarships will be awarded to individuals who are pursuing a career in the aviation industry.

Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Scholarship:

This scholarship is funded by numerous anonymous Hall of Fame donors.

The Hinz Family Red Tail Scholarship:

The Hinz Family has sponsored this scholarship in commemoration of Donald E. Hinz who lost his life as a re-enactor of the Tuskegee Airmen mission in WWII. Hinz was demonstrating a P-51C painted in the Tuskegee squadron colors with the heralded red tail, at the Red Wing Airshow in 2004 when the plane lost its engine, resulting in a crash landing which he did not survive. Hinz was a Naval aviator, an airline pilot, and businessman. The family has granted this scholarship in his honor to encourage young persons entering the aviation field to learn not only about airplanes, but about aviation history as well.

The Kenneth Dahlberg Family Scholarship:

The Dahlberg Family Scholarship is awarded to an aviation student in honor of Kenneth Dahlberg, 1997 Hall of Fame Inductee. From humble beginnings on a Wisconsin farm to a WWII Ace, flying P-51s and P-47s, Ken truly was a member of the "Greatest generation." Dahlberg started a small post-war business producing hearing aid devices and eventually ended up running an international corporation. Besides his love of aviation, he had a love for learning and we hope the young aviation-minded adults who are awarded the Dahlberg Scholarship each year continue that intellectual curiosity for the rest of their life.

Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. Want to advance their flight training, however they must possess at least a private pilot license.

2. Wish to advance their aviation career.

3. Wishes to make a career change into aviation.

4. Are currently enrolled in a post-secondary aviation-related program, ie: college aviation program, flight training, aviation technical school, flight dispatcher school etc. NOTE: It would be helpful if an individual has flight time, but it is not necessary for this type of scholarship.

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