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Rushford extends welcome

Rushford Aviation, Inc. is putting out a warm welcome to avi-ators for several reasons this summer. During its July 15 fly-in a ceremony will be held announcing the airport's new name: Rushford Municipal Airport, Robert W. Bunke Field.

"Rob Bunke is the gentleman primarily responsible for establishing the airport in the mid 1970's," said Rushford Aviation owner Mike Thern.

The ceremony to honor Rob will begin at 10 a.m. Mark Baker, president of AOPA, and MnDOT Aeronautics officials will be present.

Mike and Barb Thern established an FBO at the airport in 2000, offering aircraft maintenance, fuel sales and flight training. Mike said he went into retirement mode In 2012. "Now I do fuel sales and flight training, no maintenance."

The 3,200 ft. runway runs northwest/ southeast, and is PAPI lighted. All twelve T-hangars are currently rented. The Pilots Lounge is a double wide home with two bathrooms, showers, living and dining room.

"It has a kitchen every woman dreams of," said Barb. "People are always amazed at what a great lounge this is. They want to move in!"

Additional conveniences include a computer for flight planning/weather in- formation, Wi-Fi, Free Underwing Camping, and a courtesy car.

Mike reminds travelers it's a little under 200 miles from Rushford to Oshkosh. "With our fuel price, we make a nice stop before the last leg to AirVenture."


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