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Here's your invitation to Aviation Day at the Capitol

Aviation enthusiasts from the region will gather April 26 at the Capitol in St. Paul to look their state legislators in the eye, offer a warm handshake, and establish (or refresh) a personal relationship. Aviation Day at the Capitol is arranged by the Minnesota Business Aviation Association (MBAA), Minnesota Council of Airports (MCOA), and the Minnesota Aviation Trades Association (MATA).

Mike Beard, a member of all three organizations, also has a history of 12 years as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Having retired from the legislature in 2015, he is uniquely qualified to speak on the effects of Aviation Day at the Capitol.

"I know how much legislators appreciate when folks from home come down for a day at the capitol and make an effort to establish a face to face personal connection," said Beard. "That's so important because politics is very much a relationship business.

"This is one day when people from around the state, airport operators, fixed base operators, and people with a business interest in aviation whether students or pilots, instructors, insurance carriers or any business related to aviation, can to come to St. Paul and meet their legislators while they are all gathered in one place. It's easier to track them down that way."

The day starts with a kickoff breakfast which leads into meetings with legislators in their offices. Attendees will gather again for a box lunch to hear Keynote speaker, Representative Paul Torkelson, chair of the transportation committee.

While establishing a relationship is the main thrust this year, MATA is encouraging attendees to support house bill HF2069 and Senate bill SF1935, companion bills introduced to the house and senate providing student loan forgiveness/repayment for individuals pursuing an ATP certificate with the intent of flying for an airline.

"It's really refreshing for a legislator when somebody comes by to say hello,"said Beard. "This is really a pretty incredible opportunity to build good will and positive name recognition for the whole industry."

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