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C.M. Swanson

Commercial aviation offers a wide array of employment opportunities, now and into the future.

Boeing forecasts that between 2016 and 2035, the world's commercial aviation industry will require approximately:

• 617,000 new commercial airline pilots

• 679,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians

• 814,000 new cabin crew

The 2016 outlook shows a growth of 10.5 percent for pilots over the 2015 outlook and 11.3 percent for maintenance technicians. New pilot demand is primarily driven by new airplane deliveries and fleet mix, while new technician demand is primarily driven by fleet growth. "The Pilot and Technician Outlook has become a resource for the industry to determine demand for successful airline operations" said Sherry Carbary, vice president, Boeing Flight Services. "Cabin crew are an integral part of operating an airline, and while Boeing does not train cabin crew like pilots and technicians, we believe the industry can use these numbers for planning purposes."

Taken from: http://www.boeing.com/commercial/market/long-term-market/pilot-and-technician-outlook/


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